Indonesian Wok Factory Workers Confined, Beaten And Tortured

Factory workers live in harsh condition for several months

Factory workers lived in harsh condition for several months

From Tempo:

Torture Ordeal Endured By Wok Factory Workers

According to Siane Indriani, member of the National Human Rights Commission, some wok factory workers were held captive for 6 months and subjected to a variety of torture. “These workers were beaten, punched and burnt with cigarette butts,” said Siane to Tempo over the phone on Sunday, 5 May 2013. According to Siane, these workers were employed to liquefy the aluminum which is then used to make frying pans. They were then placed in a room and locked from the outside once they finished their work. This confinement has been going on since 3 months ago.

Factory Worker Beaten

Factory worker beaten repeatedly

The factory workers free from the slavery

The factory workers freed from their slavery

According to Siane, the workers are employed from 6 am to 10 pm [16 hours]. They are only given a very short time to rest and not even allowed to do their Muslim prayers. Workers who get caught praying will end up being beaten severely. In addition, they would also be beaten if they did not produce an acceptable quality of work. Workers who are sick will be separated into different rooms and then splashed with aluminum foil liquid. Andi Gunawan is one of the tortured workers but he managed to escape.

Poor working condition inside wok factory

Poor working conditions inside wok factory

Inside the factory bad working condition

Bad working conditions inside the factory

The workers are given worn-out clothing with no replacement for months. “The worker’s body is not well maintained, hair turned brown, eyelids darkened, and has diseased skin,” said Siane. They were not given the opportunity to shower or change their clothes for about three months because their money, cell phones and clothes had been confiscated by the factory owner.

Yuki Irawan as the factory owner

Yuki Irawan, the factory owner

Yuki Irawan detained by the police

Yuki Irawan detained by police

The police brings the owner family to nearest police station

The police bringing the owner’s family to the nearest police station

Comments from Kaskus:


In the other forum thread, it was mentioned that this factory was backed by the local police! Outrageous!


Are the people in the picture really from the factory, boss?? They look like an Indonesian boy band instead. HAHA…


This is similar to modern slavery. =(


They all look sleep-deprived… I feel sorry for them! =(


The factory owner and his backers should be punished severely . If necessary, they should also be splashed with the liquid aluminum foil and put in jail for life!


BURN the owner alive!


Just hang the factory owner since he’s not a human being!


Oh my god, that’s so cruel! Even the sick one was splashed with liquid aluminium foil… How could they do that? =(


I’m so disgusted with the officials who backed the factory owner… Hope they’ll get an eternal life in hell!!


There was a minister who once said that Indonesia will be an advanced country by 2045. Haha… If barbaric practices like these still exist then I doubt that will ever happen!


The laborers were treated like animals over there. The owner is scum!


This is like a modern communist party!

What do you think? What was the worst working condition that you have endured?

The factory owner luxury home

The factory owner’s luxury home

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