Indonesian Serial Killer Targeted Teen Victims via Facebook

Facebook Users in Internet Cafe

From Tempo:

Serial Killer Targets Victims via Facebook

Wisnu Sadewa, 31 years old, allegedly committed the serial murders of two girls in Padang. According to the police, the perpetrator knew his victims through their Facebook accounts.

Wisnu has seven anonymous accounts. On these accounts, he disguises himself as a woman. “For those two victims, the suspect was using three fake accounts,” said Arif Budiman, Deputy Police Chief of Bukittinggi, to Tempo on Monday.

Wisnu-Sadewa the Facebook Serial Killer

Wisnu-Sadewa is the Facebook Serial Killer

The suspect targeted female victims through their Facebook accounts. He disguised himself as a woman and then asked for their phone numbers. Their introduction was then followed by text messages. […]

A while back, Nabila’s parents reported their 16-year-old daughter missing since March 20, 2013. The police initially did not have any evidence nor witnesses regarding this case. […]

However, a few days after Nabila went missing, her family received an SMS from the perpetrator. That SMS explained that the perpetrator knew the victim’s whereabouts and asked the family not to look for her anymore. “The suspect was demanding ransom money. We tried several times to bait him but failed. I think the suspect was already suspicious,” said Arif.

The police continued to dial the phone number used to contact the victim’s parents. In the end, the perpetrator was found while he was sitting in a kiosk near the Pakan Sinayan area on the afternoon of Monday, 29 April 2013. All of his crimes were uncovered after his arrest.

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia:

Andy Liany:

When I used to use Facebook, I wouldn’t add strangers. I’d rather have a small number of people in my friends list rather than having lots of strangers I don’t even know…


Facebook has too many advertisements, similar to a marketplace… It has become a platform for people to show off their wealth and modified Photoshop pictures.

Tommy (in reply to ….):

That’s not always true… All of my pictures are real and so is my wealth! Haha…


Geezz… kids these days have Facebook accounts even though they are still underage… That’s why incidents like this happen!


So scary… Whenever I choose a friend in Facebook, I always choose them carefully… =(




That’s why you should never approve strangers in Facebook… Only the lame kids usually add strangers until they have thousands of people in their friends list… They usually add random people.

Fabolous Mama:

I have two Facebook accounts. I use the primary account to make friends and filter everyone carefully. I use my second account for fun to gain information on my exes or future partners. Haha…


They should have arranged the meeting in crowded places such as MALLS or MARKETS so they won’t get kidnapped… STUPID!


Oh man… I have goose bumps now!

Dunia Fana:

These psychopaths are getting crazier!



Enot Onet:

I’m one of the Facebook poker victims, Boss! =(


I met my soul mate through Facebook… Thank God, our marriage is going well. I’m not sure if you can still find a good husband through Facebook these days though. Hehe…

What do you use Facebook for?

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Nabila Funeral Ceremony Held in Her Village

Nabila funeral ceremony in the village

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