Singer Syahrini Wears 30kg Dress Gown Made Of Stainless Steel

Syahrini Wears 30kg Dress from Stainless Steel

Singer Syahrini has once again made headlines in Indonesia. After previously being ridiculed for misspelling ‘San Francisco’, Indonesian netizens recently targeted her for a stainless steel gown she wore.

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Syahrini Wears 30 Kilogram Gown

On the evening of the 2013 SCTV Music Awards event, Syahrini appeared elegant with a stainless steel dress that weighed 30 kilograms. She gave the dress a name similar to her song “Love But Prestige”. Attending the 2013 SCTV Music Awards, Syahrini introduced her ‘Love But Prestige’ dress which is made of stainless steel and weighing 30 kilograms.

Syahrini Explains her 30kg Stainless Dress Dress during Press Interview

Syahrini as Proud Owner of Stainless Steel Dress

Syahrini and her Unique Dress

Syahrini Dress in SCTV Music Award

Syahrini Wears 30 kg Elegant Dress

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia:


Wow, Syahrini endorses her dress to become a ship’s anchor … =)

Reni Puji Rahayu:

Such a drama queen. Ckckck…

Gek Indah:

She’s always good at making a sensation but has no accomplishments!!


I’m actually disgusted with this celebrity but I’D STILL SAY YES if she asked me to have a smooch session together! =)




She’s the only celebrity who consistently outdoes herself to maintain prestige… We can see it from her glamour make-up… she’s afraid that if she were to wear a normal dress, her image would go down… ridiculous!


What kind of person is she? Does she still have any shame left? Her dress and its name are equally tacky!


How much money do I need to earn if I want to be her husband???


Gosh, her arms are so huge! :D


Her arms are comparable with her bodyguard’s!


She’s still single, not married yet… : ))… What will happen once she’s married, eh?

Rional Putra:

Wow.. She’s the Indonesian version of Iron Man. Haha….

Erlangga Handana:

LOL… She tries to look cool with her short stature but she looks even shorter with that heavy dress. MIDGET!

Ki Suryo Putro:

Is she going to sell her dress as scrap metal after she retires from the celebrity world?


According to me, she’ll look much better if she’s not wearing a dress…

Revansi Dewei:

That’s not heavy enough! She might as well wear a 100kg dress!


Miss Syahrini… Why don’t you make a dress made of CONDOMS! I’m sure it’ll look more suitable for you! HAHAHA…

What do you think?

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