More Indonesians Buying Expensive Hermes Bags For Prestige

Indonesian SIngers with their Hermes Bags

Indonesian artists/singers with their Hermes bags

From Detik News:

For Prestige, Indonesians Buy Hermes’ Bag Priced Similar To Avanza Car

Luxury items including designer handbags from Hermes are very popular among the upper class citizens and artists around the world including in Indonesia. Therefore, you should not be surprised that the price of a bag is equivalent to a small MPV [Multi-Purpose Vehicle]. As stated by Stefanus Ridwan, Chairman Board of Indonesia Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI), when contacted by Detik Finance in Jakarta. “The price ranges from tens of millions even up to hundreds of millions, usually around 150 million Rupiah. It is so expensive and the price is almost similar to a Toyota Avanza car which is priced around 200 million,” said Stefanus.

He said that these French products are indeed very popular among upper class citizens. Moreover, these products have become part of the lifestyle in the capital city of Jakarta. According to him, “Most Indonesians have already owned them, especially the celebrities. They are willing to spend that much money for social prestige”. For the record, the demand for these branded products such as Hermes continues to soar worldwide. Hermes reported sales worth 856.8 million euros (US$ 1.1 billion), or about 10 trillion Rupiah during their January-February 2013 period. The sales figure is up about 10.3% over the same period last year, thanks to the high number of purchases originating from the Asian community.

Hermes Demo in Jakarta

A demonstration against Hermes animal cruelty in Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Socialite with Hermes Bag in Jakarta

Indonesian socialite with Hermes bag in Jakarta

Maia Estianty Brings Her Hermes Birkin in the Mall

Maia Estianty brings her Hermes Birkin to the mall

Comments from Kaskus and Detik:


That’s their own money so why should we bother?


Most Indonesians are like that, even those from the low, middle or high class… My office colleagues only earn 5-7 million Rupiah (~USD 500-700) yet they are leasing Toyota Avanzas. HAHAHA…


It’s usually the corrupt officials’ wives who throw away money on these luxury items since their husbands can “earn” them back easily… For instance, look at Gayus’ wife [a corrupt public tax official].


The children of the corrupt also have similar tendencies of spending money without thinking. You will see these ababil buying items from Zara, Mango, Anya, TopShop and BEBE if you visit our neighboring countries [Malaysia/Singapore].

Velove Showing Her Orange Hermes Bag

Velove showing her orange Hermes bag during a press interview


Why do you compare a Hermes bag with a Toyota Avanza? I think it’s better if I sell the Avanza car to buy a Hermes bag for my wife. We will then take the public bus for transportation, which is better than gambling with our lives in that cracker box [Toyota Avanza car]…


It’s not only the rich but the poor people also have high prestige. My maid sold her old Blackberry just to buy a new one but it’s on credit. What an idiot!


Maybe I’ll just lick my Hermes bag every single day for 10 years instead of eating my meal after purchasing it…


The wealth gap is so wide in Indonesia. On one side, there are many Indonesians who can’t afford to buy rice. =(


Why does a bag cost hundreds of million Rupiah? It is usually only used by women to store their makeup kits!


Instead of buying a Toyota Avanza and spending money on gas, don’t you think it’s better to purchase a bag?


In our dear country, any items that are more expensive always attract the attention of the rich. They buy goods not for their functionality but rather for social prestige. The more it costs, the higher the prestige they will get among their friends.


These overpriced items are usually never used and only kept to collect dust. Haha…

We bought them [Hermes bags] to help the European crisis. LOL…


I’m sure they will cry blood once their bags get stolen!


I don’t feel envious of Hermes bag owners but rather the owner of the Hermes company. =)

What do you think? What’s the most expensive item you’ve purchased for social prestige?

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