Indonesian Girl Dies After Working 30 Hours Non-Stop

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From Liputan6 News:

Copywriter Mira Diran Died After Working 30 Hours Without Sleep

News of the death of a young girl who worked as a copywriter at the Y&R (Young & Rubicam) Asia agency after working for 30 hours with no sleep has caused a frenzy on Twitter social media.

Mita Diran worked countless hours over the past three days without any sleep. This fact was known from her last tweet at 5:47 PM Saturday, 14 December 2013.

mita diran twitter

Her last tweet was: “30 hours of working and still going strooong,“ Mita wrote via her Twitter account, @mitdoq.

A day after her last tweet, her friends were surprised by the news of her sudden death on 15 December 2013.

Before the news was discussed on Twitter, this sad news was first uploaded to social network Path. Mita’s father, Yani Syahrial, reported that his girl collapsed and was rushed to the Pertamina Hospital (RSPP). “Hi everyone, since last night and until now my daughter who is a copywriter in Y & R in coma in RSPP. Chances are not very good. She collapsed after continuous working overtime last night for 3 days straight. Working over the limit. I have not slept since then,“ Yani wrote on his Path account.

On Twitter, her friends mentioned that this short-haired beautiful girl had consumed energy drinks with high amounts of caffeine while working overtime.

“Tomorrow, December 16, we will close the office for the day to pay our last respects to Mita at her funeral at Jeruk Purut cemetery at 10 AM,” wrote the @yrindonesia account.


Comments from Kaskus:


She’s a super workaholic. That’s why she crashed. ;(


Holy crap, 3 days working non-stop with no sleep… It must be so tiring… I feel sorry for her :(


Working in the creative industry is indeed very hard… You need to squeeze your brains out but your body will shutdown when not given enough rest.


She’s not the crazy one but her client is!


I once drove nonstop for 3 days without sleep. I only took a short break to drink coffee and worked very hard for one whole month. I ended up with typhus disease and learned to take a break every once in a while.


My eyes are already tired after working non-stop for 15 hours…

There’s no end to work. Let all problems and deadlines be only for today as we can continue to work again tomorrow. I feel so sorry for this workaholic girl. =(


Our health and life are very precious. We have to remember that money is meant to be enjoyed. All our hard earned money will be wasted on medical expenses if we fall sick.


Even a machine would break down if it’s being used non-stop. The same obviously goes for human beings too.


Wow, it’s true that you’ll feel refreshed after having some energy drinks but how do they affect our body?


Why the hell did she agree to work for 3 days non-stop like a slave?


It’s so scary to work in the advertisement industry. :(


Damn, 3 days of working non-stop… I’ll never drink energy drinks again… my kidneys are damaged because of these fucking drinks!

What do you think? What is the longest you have worked or stayed awake?

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