75% of Indonesian Tourists ‘Steal’ Hotel Items, Reactions

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From Liputan6 News

Survey: 75% of Indonesian Tourists Bring Home Hotel Items

According to a survey conducted by the largest travel website in the world, 75% of Indonesian tourists admitted to having taken item(s) from hotels where they have stayed. This figure is much higher than the world’s average of only about 65%.

“Hotel guests admitted to taking hotel items that are often mistaken as free such as toiletries or stationery,” according to the research cited by Liputan6.com.

However, it seems that some travelers also think towels, lamps and batteries found in the hotel rooms are also free to take home.

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Only 7% of global travelers admitted to taking a towel from their hotel rooms. According to a hotel manager, however, one in four employees have reported lost towels after guests have checked out from their rooms.

The surprising facts do not end there. Some tourists have strange ideas when taking hotel items as travel mementos. At least one in ten hospitality employees have reported missing hangers and 7% even found missing batteries from TV remote control after their guests left.

The survey also revealed differences between items that travelers admitted to taking home and those that were actually found missing from their rooms.

Three out of five (~59%) of global hospitality employees and 56% of hotel owners in Indonesia reported that guests often took a variety of items when leaving the hotel.

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Respondents of the survey came from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Comments from Kaskus:


I’m sure that 99% of Indonesian tourists will get upset if they are asked to pay for those stolen items. Haha…


I usually only take good clean white towels… if not then forget it! =)


The person who took the room’s light bulb is really …. [speechless]. GRRR!


Can I bring home the cute hotel receptionist too? =)


These unethical behaviors really showcase this country’s characteristics! =(


That’s crazy… They even took the battery for the TV remote control… Why don’t they steal the TV too?


Not only in hotels, but I also bring home plastic utensils from eating at a food court. I’m aiming to take home the steel utensils from a Korean restaurant for my next collection!


My mom took home some hotel towels when I was a kid. She still uses them when showering nowadays. Haha…


I usually ask for more sugar, coffee and tea to be refilled before checking out of from hotel room =)


I used to work in a five stars hotel where there is Wi-Fi and LAN internet access in every room. The hotel provides a LAN cable for the guests’ usage. The worst part is, the LAN cable is usually ‘stolen’ by the hotel guests!


I’m sure that the bed mattress would be gone too if it could be hidden!


Indonesians like to earn profits [take small advantage for personal gain] so that’s why they’re so stingy!


Our people like to “clean up” their rooms. Hehe.


I usually only take the slippers from expensive hotels in order to get some of their prestige. Haha…


Indonesians’ excuse: We paid for it already!

What do you think? Have you stolen hotel items before as well? Would you be afraid to admit it?

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