President’s Son Hours Late for Marathon, Demands Medal Anyway

agus yodhoyono running marathon in Jakarta

From Tempo Indonesia:

Marathon Competition Joined By Agus Yudhoyono Creates Frenzy on Twitter

Twitter media was busy with lively conversation following a marathon competition joined by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, on Sunday, 29 September 2013. The first son of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono participated in a 10km marathon to celebrate the 68th national military anniversary at Monas, Jakarta.

On Sunday night, Agus Yudhoyono posted, “We did it! In the spirit of our 68th national military anniversary, we successfully completed the 10k run at Monas & 17K run at BSD. Success,” as stated on his Twitter account, @AgusYudhoyono.

He also posted some photos of him holding a medallion along with his running outfit and light green vest. “Always finish what you have started. Regards,” he wrote.

agus yodhoyono President’s Son Arrives Late But Demands Medal During Marathon

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with his tweeting and pictures. Recently however, there appeared some criticism from an account named Rico Jonah Iskak on the Path social network.

In his post, Rico complained that Agus arrived at least two hours late during the marathon event. “It’s outrageous, the race starts at 5.30 AM but Agus Yudhoyono and his presidential bodyguards only arrived at 9.15 AM. We have already cleaned up the markers and timing system but were told to set them up all over again because Agus wanted to run in a race that has already finished,” he wrote.

In Rico’s posts, Agus, via his bodyguard, also requested that the gate should not be dismantled and he wanted to be presented with a medal on the podium.

This turn of events created a frenzy on the Twittersphere. @Paulkilloctopus commented, “Could you have some empathy to other runners who woke up early to run on time?” According to him, if Agus Yudhoyono was late to this year’s event, he should have just tried again next year.


agus yudhoyono twitter account

netizens complaining in twitter

Comments from Kaskus :


Did he oversleep? His mom probably forgot to wake him up..


It’s understandable… the crown prince’s image mustn’t be tarnished… =)


Did he ever think about the other runners? =(


So lebay. Why does a 10km run cause such a Twitter frenzy?


A fruit does not fall far from the tree.


If this happened in Japan then he should hara-kiri for being 2 hours late!


SBY [the president] rules: Our family’s rules are always correct =(


No wonder he won since he was the only person running. HAHA…


Sad. My president always receives bad publicity! =(


Uh oh, hopefully RICO JONAH ISKA won’t be approached by the presidential bodyguards and forced to delete his Twitter account!

Kaliabo: (in reply to TINner)

It’s still okay if he’s only asked to delete his Twitter account. But what if he’s also deleted [killed off]? SUCH A REGIME [DICTATOR]!

contestans of adidas marathon in Jakarta

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