No Air Conditioning on Lion Air Flight Causes Passenger Uproar

Inside Hot Plan Cabin during Lion Air Flight

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Feeling Hot, Lion Air Flight Attendants Hand Out Tissues

Lion Air passengers on Manado-Jakarta flight number JT755 on Monday, 30 September 2013, immediately complained about the heat when they boarded the plane.

Raymond Pasla, a passenger, said that the flight attendants only handed out tissues when passengers began to sweat and complain about the cabin temperature.


AC Turned OFF by Lion Air to Save Money

Lion Air Passengers Sweaty inside Hot Cabin

Furthermore, Pasla also claimed that tissue was only distributed within the first 5 minutes. The cabin temperature became worse after the door was closed. Some passengers began protesting loudly and stand to ask about the uncomfortable situation.

“When the situation was starting to get worse due to panic and nausea, the aircraft suddenly moved backwards. This caused more panic and hysteria since their complaints were not addressed. Some passengers in the rear even opened the emergency door,“ said Pasla, who claimed to be in the plane for nearly 1 full hour.

Pasla said after the emergency door was opened, the pilot parked the plane and finally opened the front door, whereupon the passengers immediately jumped out.

Lion Air Passengers Rushing Out of Hot Cabin

Baby Crying in Hot Cabin during Lion Air Flight

Comments from Kaskus (1 , 2 , 3 , 4) :


In order to save 1.1 million rupiah [US$ 110], I’m sure the Lion Air manager who didn’t approve the air conditioning repair will be fired.


Well, the [cheap] airline ticket price indeed doesn’t lie. =)


It’s getting worse. I don’t want to use Lion Air again as there are many bad stories about them these days.


They should also reject the next request to fix one of the plane engines to save more money! LOL.


Maybe they should only fill up half of the fuel tank for one way trip to save even more money!


I’m so embarrassed that this airline owns many planes but can’t even take care of an air conditioning issue. Wow….


Lion Air only thinks about making profit [with no regards of passengers safety]!


Thank God there were people who opened the emergency door while the AC was turned off. Otherwise, all of them would have become BBQ turkey. Haha…


Luckily, the AC was only turned off while on the ground. Otherwise who would like to smash open the emergency door once it’s up in the air? Hahaha….


I was on a Lion Air flight yesterday. The flight attendants kept offering merchandise for sale as if we were inside a mini bus!


It must be so refreshing to have a sweaty shower. LOL…


BTW, how much was the fine for opening the emergency door?


This situation can be blamed on the flight attendants’ stupidity. They should explain that the AC will be turned on once the flight is up in the air. I’m sure the passengers will understand then.


Don’t forget to bring your own fan next time. Haha.

What bad experiences have you had with budget airlines?

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