Funny Safety Instructions & Demonstration on AirAsia Flight

Chevrolet AirAsia.

From YouTube:

Funny Safety Demonstration Inside Air Asia Flight

“The funniest safety demonstration I have ever saw. You never had a crazy moment as fun as this on your regular flight. Only at the Chevrolet AirAsia flight Jogjakarta to Jakarta on Oct 8th, 2013,” wrote Rusli Kurniawan on his Facebook account. (source: Rusli Kurniawan’s Facebook account)

From Kompas:

Video of “Funny Flight Attendant” on AirAsia Goes Viral on Facebook

JAKARTA, – Demonstrations of safety measures carried out before the take-off of an aircraft are normally boring. However, a flight steward on an Air Asia flight managed to change this assumption.

On a flight from Yogyakarta to Jakarta on 8 October 2013, the flight attendant managed to make the whole plane of passengers burst out laughing with jokes during the demonstrations.

From the video footage uploaded by a Facebook user, Rusli Kurniawan, the unnamed flight attendant slipped some hilarious sentences that invited laughter from the passengers.

One example, the flight attendant said, “The life jacket has two inflatable tubes, not suction tubes [the life jacket has two tubes that can be blown into–not sucked–to inflate]”. Passenger immediately roared with laughter.

“A safety instructions card is located in your seat bag, please read it carefully. A photo version will come out next month,” was another joke of the flight steward.


Chevrolet AirAsia.

AirAsia plane.

Comments from YouTube and Kaskus:


Geez… just looking for publicity!

minionsman (in reply to dreamwear):

I disagree, it was probably done so everyone can relax before takeoff… LOL.


“Do not smoke in the washroom since it will activate the smoke detector . And remember, smoking is the main cause of impotency”. Haha…


Hahaha… it’s so out of the box compared to other airlines..


“If the light [on your life jacket] doesn’t turn on then please check your electricity bill”. Haha.


This kind of entertainment will make any flight even more enjoyable! =)


That’s right! It’ll be more fun especially if the flight attendants start dancing too. Hahaha…


The flight attendant was smiling shyly. Haha…


I’m sure other airlines will copy this soon…


The flight attendant has the potential to be a great presenter… Haha.

AirAsia is finally getting better!


It’s an interesting experience since I’m usually worried before take-off.


At last, passengers actually pay attention to the safety demonstration.

“The life jacket should be blown not sucked”. LOL.


Haha… I think the flight attendant might get fired tomorrow.

What do you think of the safety demonstration? Is it a good idea?

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