Public Official Asked to Turn Off Cell Phone Slaps Stewardess

Nur Febriani, Sriwijaya Air Stewardess, Slapped by Public-Official

From Detik:

Asked to Turn Off His Cell Phone, Public Official from Bangka Province Gets Angry and Slaps Sriwijaya Air Flight Attendant

Nur Febriani (31), Sriwijaya Airline Stewardess and resident of Ciputat, Tangerang, reported Zakaria Umar Hadi, Head of the Regional Investment Coordinating Board (BKPMD) from Bangka, because he slapped Febriani during the flight.

Flight Attendant Vs Zakari

This slapping incident occurred on Wednesday evening. The incident began when Febriani rebuked Zakaria at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng. At that moment, Febriani had politely asked Zakaria to turn off his cell phone [for take-off].

Instead, Zakaria got very emotional and upset. Febriani just walked away after that. One hour later, the plane landed in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung. Without any warning, Zakaria slapped and yelled at Febriani. Zakaria felt that as a passenger, he should’ve been served like a king. During that moment, Febriani just kept crying while other passengers immediately separated them and escorted Zakaria off the plane.

Nur-Febriani, Sriwijaya Air Stewardess

Asked to confirm the incident, Febriani would not comment any further. She requested Detikcom to contact the local police and Sriwijaya Air. Febriani reported this incident to the local police in Pangkalan Baru, Pangkal Pinang.

Zakaria’s attorney, Ellisa, confirmed that her client would cooperate fully with Pangkalan Baru Police Station. “We will follow the legal process,” explained Ellisa in Pangkalan Baru Police Station.

Zakari Detained in Pangkalan Baru Police Station

Comments from Kaskus:


The public official is scum. Got no manner also… a DUMBASS!


We’ve got a faggot public official… He only dares hit a girl… BUT DOES HE DARE HIT HERCULES OR JOHN KEI [Indonesia mafia]?


It’s true that public officials in Indonesia are also kings, isn’t it? =(


You should’ve just squeezed his scrotum/balls [Zakaria, his name = “scrotum” in Indonesian] GGRRR!


She just reminded you [to turn all cell phones off] for your own safety but why did you get so upset? He’s a high-ranking public official but he’s acting dumber than an animal!

Zakari Umar Hadi, the Head of Regional Investment Public Official from Bangka, Belitung

Zakari Umar Hadi, the Head of Regional Investment Public Official from Bangka Belitung


This person must’ve gotten slapped a lot by his wife at home, so he directed his frustration to the stewardess in the end LOLLL…


His face looks like a scrotum indeed!


He is just a dude from a remote village who took off in an airplane for the very first time and just got a cell phone.


Just throw him out into the sea, Boss!


Wow, this fat dude only dares hitting a girl… HAHAHA…


Why do we always have such assholes for leaders?


I can’t stand looking at his mustache and I want to pull it all out!


What a PIGGY face official!


I feel so sorry for his subordinates… I’m sure if they screw up just a bit then they’d be met with the same fate!


He acts like that because he’s not a human being but a bulldog.


Even if you were so stressed out because your wife was sick, you shouldn’t have done that to other people!


This is his reason for slapping the stewardess: “I already paid the ticket. So as a passenger, I should’ve been treated like a king!” Well, I pay my taxes too so can I hit the public officials then?

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