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Indonesians Wanna Be

People in Indonesia are generally friendly. While many Indonesians can communicate in English, you can always impress them further by greeting them in their native tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. Here are some tips that can help you to adapt the Indonesians’ culture faster.

From Kaskus:

Foreigner’s Prospective on Indonesian Stereotypes

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Comments from YouTube (1, 2 and 3):


Smoking while taking a dump. lol…


I’ve experienced this often. My change was pocketed by the cashier at Alfamart and Indomart… GRRR.


This Bule is so insightful haha…


This bule‘s pronunciation of the Indonesian language is perfect! =)


Almost of them are true, especially the part about eating more rice. Hahaha…

How to Act Like Indonesians


This is reality, but at the same time SO EMBARRASSING!!


“Go to Friday Prayer if you wanna have new shoes”. lol…


This bule has lived in Indonesia for 12 years already so she knows the habits of Indonesian locals’ well. Haha…


Dude, this is so Indonesian! Hahaha…


She means well to remind us that these are bad habits.


I feel ashamed now, damn that bule! =(

Forever 24:

So Indonesian, but the video is rather insulting!


I was laughing out loud when I saw tons of sugar in the sweetened tea. lol…


Holy crap… I used to greet all the male/female bule with “Hello Mister” when I was a kid. Hahaha..

How to Act like Indonesian

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  • Mia

    damn this bule, but ya… this is indonesia…. hahahaha…. lol :p
    4 thumbs up mam (y)

  • Tobby

    awkawkawkswk gokil neh cewe , bener bangettt , two thumbs up dah buat neh cewe , buat yg kesinggung yah nyadar atuh broooo awkawkawk lolol

  • Syarif

    Bule ini sangat keren.Dia tahu persis semua kejelakan yang ada. Tidak sabar menunggu video baru darinya.Gak usah emosi kalo merasa tidak melakukan hal dalam video.Seharusnya instropeksi,bukan nyumpahin orang karena sudah jujur.Gak usah munafik deh.

  • iwir

    CAN’T STOP LAUGHING, you bule,
    lucunya bukan main….

  • M. Sacripante

    Wadoo! I lived in Djakarta during the Gestok as a child of an American Air Attache.
    (Indonesia raya Merdika, Merdika!) Many childhood memories there as I went to the International school and had neighborhood friends whose parents worked at the embassy, or other foreign embassies. I remember the sounds and smells in the streets. As a child it was easy to pick up the language. I find these videos highly entertaining. Of course, we had to leave Indonesia as it got too dangerous as the military started practicing grenade tossing in a field in front of my house. C’est la vie!

  • pax

    eagerly waiting forward for the indonesian reply, ‘how to act like a bule’ :)

  • takashimio

    LOL after watching these videos, I can’t deny that they are the truth especially about people calling other people fat and that degree does not matter. Well, anyway let’s take this as a lesson, Indonesian. Be open minded!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Hahahaha!!! I died!!! Spot on!

  • Bluegila

    Have none of you ever watched Indonesian comedy on TV? Indonesians act out and laugh at the same quirks in their culture as this girl does. For me she does it well and it’s even funnier done by a bule. We have the same skits on Australian culture and they are just as funny especially when you can relate to it. Maybe stop taking yourselves so seriously. And take it for what it is, just a bit of a laugh at some of the idiosyncrasies of cultures

  • Felicielle YinFei ☮

    Lol… Indonesian love compliments and not the critic like this.. so ashamed all of u, guys…
    wake up..! sampe kapan mau dipuji2 terus..? harus liat faktanya juga.. kalo emang gak mau dicela ya berubah dong..! :)))))

  • Harry Bond Jr.

    Sacha membuat tantangan buat kalian!! Sacha suka kalau kalian bembuat video2 soal sterio type “Bule2”.
    Siapa yang membuat video yang pertama??? Huppekeeee, keren kalau ada tantangan kayak gini, kan?

  • Tats

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this girl should have her own tv show! Atta girl!

  • qwerty

    Hahaha saya mah bisa maklumin kalo ada yg marah atau tersinggung nonton ini, bisa jadi mereka pendidikannya ga tinggi, jadi pikirannya ga terbuka buat hal hal macem gini. Gimana Indonesia mau maju kalo orang orangnya pikirannya sempit begini.. dikit dikit kalo urusannya sama bule pasti dianggepnya ngehina, ini bule Cinta indonesia kali, dan dia bikin ini cuma buat lucu-lucuan doang tanpa maksud ngehina, kalo ada yg tersinggung, lah emang kenyataannya kondisi di Indo kaya begini kok? as simple as that!

  • Honey

    Lolest…she’s hillarious!! and I’m Indonesian!!

  • Missy

    Poor girl..Just one of those bules who have to live in Indonesia because there’s no job for her back in her country. I’m fortunate now I’m surrounded by bules who are in Indonesia because it’s part of their mission or because their headquarters send them to work here for a while. They are all respectful and have no time to make fun of the country where they earn a living.

    • paul walmark

      It’s called comedy, Missy. American comedians make fun of their country, Canadian comedians make fun of their country, all comedians make fun of the strange differences in other cultures, as well as their own. This girl has a great insight into some of the funnier aspects of the way some Indonesians speak and act. Anyone who can’t sit back and laugh at themselves, or can’t tolerate it when other people laugh at them needs to take a long look at their true self-esteem. Are Indonesians so insecure, or thin-skinned, they are offended by this very funny series of videos? If so, I would say grow up, and get a sense of humour about yourselves, please!

  • FMN

    Funny stuffs, I watched her full 9 videos on the rollerblading from Java (Merak-Jogja-Merapi-Banyuwangi) to Bali in Youtube. Sacha Stevenson acted in Wara Wiri too with Komeng & Adul. She has talent for satire, jokes and pranks.

    Congrats on being the first person to roller-blade across Java!

  • wallimo

    too me she seems really racist.

  • Genny

    kapok luuuuu.. ahhahaha.. rasainn.. beberapa orang indonesia memang berkelakuan seperti itu, waspadalah !! jangan sampai ini jadi streotype orang indonesia, maka dari itu berubahlah.. :)

  • Iloveindo

    Ahahahahahah she is so funny and talented!!

  • FiL

    So TRUE!! Dont forget about BURPING in public is quite normal for Indonesian too.

  • KT

    i found a lot of this really offensive, especially as an Aussie married to an Indonesian…if any of my family in Indonesia watch this, I’m really sorry. Not all Bules think this way…

  • Ty

    Well, I really find these videos entertaining. Very funny indeed. And I have seen all the things she mentioned about Indonesians in those videos. But maybe, this is just a suggestion, she has to try to make up for all the bad sides of Indonesians that she mentioned, and show others the good sides of us too. For example, when younger people have to bow and say “excuse me” when they walk in front of the elders who are sitting, how we don’t call the people older than us by name (like how we put “mas, mba, kakak, etc” before their names, how showing excessive kind of affections in public (like kissing, and stuff) are considered not polite (because kids might get contaminated with such things too and try it out themselves), how we always offer our food whenever we eat in front of our friends who aren’t eating, and so many other things. Just try to mention those little good things so she wouldn’t look like she’s trying to make us Indonesians look so bad. Because everything should be made balanced and objective. And the Indonesians should really reflect from these videos. Get rid of all the bad habits, guys. Well, that’s just me ranting out.

  • Sum Tings Wong

    250 million Indos … not 1 gold medal at an Olympic games … “habis” “kosong” and “tidak ada” are the most common phrases upon arrival … having to hold the hand of lazy Indonesian Engineers at work ….. it must be up there as the dumbest country in the world ….. taxi drivers that don’t know where Monas is (no map book or GPS) … stupid chefs that cant serve meals at the same time to a table of 2 … and this 90% muslim fairy tale … the traffic, the bajai merah that were to be banned by March 2013, the idiots in government that have banned learning English in primary school, the stupidity of staff at places like Matahari , the corruption at Medan airport, it just goes on and on and on ….

    • bang2tang

      taxi drivers don’t know monas ? hah? you must be kidding me.

      new driver from kampung, perhaps?

  • oks


  • Sitinurhayati

    So true. They make their own “pengajian” with microphone and speakers everywhere anywhere 😨 you can only find it in indonesia

  • yudd1

    “Ouu…havaianas” hahahaa…..in other words Wkwkwkwkwk….. :D this is entertain…(ing)

  • yudd1

    All comments described the colour of Indonesia… Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

  • DeIreneAdler

    Those video so offensive toward my culture….!
    I’ll show my mam this video,she from part of indonesia that famous of voodoo stuff
    And she probably gone go to shaman today with your pic.
    Is a joke relax,im 1000% agree with your video.
    You should make another one bout burning trash….:D

  • Ben Shomshor, UN-L ’76

    This young woman is a brilliant comic and satirist in any language. I would love to see more of your work on other topics.

  • anonymous

    Org indo tuh blm terbiasa dengan budaya kritik. Jadi kalo ada kritikan pasti disebut “penghinaan”

  • Salmon

    Good stuff! But you forgot about the typical conversation starter: “Halo. Are you married? Do you have children? Aduh, why no children, is something wrong? You must have children”… :-)

  • Mukti

    They are all true. This girl is genius in making these videos very funny and entertaining LOL
    Keep up doing your good job!
    They are all reflection of our culture and yes we must fix our bad attitudes. It’s very difficult though. It might have a better chance by starting improving ourselves and our nearest family and significant other.

  • Citra

    Aduh, lucu banget… Ya harus diakui banyak orang Indo kayak gini, cuma yang ini emang ekstrim sih, haha! Great job!

  • meiko

    I am Indonesian…I was leaving as an expat for 7 different countries….(moved every 2-3 years depend on the project we work on)…I have many good experiences and lots of bad one also…but I never judge the way people act what so ever…I respect them….as what they are leaving.. every country have a similar things in good and bad….but I enjoy the different and the similarities…and laugh about it for few but never make fun (insulting) of them as the way they are….living in Indonesia for 12 years….ashamed on you…..why don’t you just leave our country and stay away if you don’t like it…..in fact you loving it…milking it……..beside not all Indonesian doing that…what an uneducated you are as an act pretty little b****

  • sarah

    too bad…she only captured Indonesia that way (what a memory she had)..she forgot about the beauty and how nice Indonesian are….

    • bang2tang

      bad things will always leave more impression than good things.

  • Iqra Aswad

    i’m Indonesian… and u’r totally funny :D.. like it… “not at all indonesian”.. but u got the point :D

  • Murad Mehdawi

    Coolllllllll Interesting, Nice, Funny , Entertaining, Dare to Do It and alot of hard work to make those videos. Seeing the Indonesian from a “Bule Perspective “… Well done ;)

    I am foreigner or a Bule been living almost 5 years in Indonesia and Visited many cities and some Islands so i have experience many things out of my exceptions and unique, only can be found in this big country he he he he he he.

    Well Yeaaaaaa “THIS IS INDONESIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????!!!!!!!!!!” ( I am Sure VIN Diesel will Shout like that if he was stuck in a MACET with his Black Dodge car)

    I hope those videos for are for entertaining purposes, generating some profits, get it famous out if. I hope there is there are no bad things to address this Country or to offend anyone.

    Even Some Indonesian will watch this videos will laugh and share it to there friends and will keep go on with their Life … Not Big Deal for them .

    Some of the foreigners complains, have lack to adapt due of the language bariere or this Big Country’s culture diversity

    or bad customer services. They had deception, miss treatment or any kind of shit expriences added to their unforgetable


    Anyway Still its a big Country with many Islands soo many opportunities to catch and enjoyments (Depends How You Define

    FUN, not all Indonesian might agree with you!!!)

    You cant change a person because “You” dont like it. Its up to the person and his free WIll to do it. That goes also for a

    country as well.

    Congratualation if you have been flexible by adapting yourself anywhere in Indonesia. If NoT, well better keep your

    criticism for yourself, published in any social media or write down somewhere. A better sudgestion, always the Airport’

    Doors are open at anytime and good luck if they wont rip you off at the Immigration Office ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    In just simple words ” Kalau lo Ga Suka Disini, Pergi Aja Sana Anjingggg Looo !!!!”

    I love this Country even though i face shit problems all time. Indonesians are nice people and kind but who knows what

    will happen 10 years from now. Harder and Harder will be for a foreigner to meet his expection for job, business, even

    Tourism migh be more expensive ( by Today Comparisons).No to forget Indo people will be sophisticated and harder to

    get along with.

    Good For Luck for Sacha Stevenson. I will keep watch your new funy videos but I realy Hope that your chanel wont be turn

    off due of Goverment censors or for your own safety.

    Remember you are foreigner making fun of the local in a country with

    Religious Radical/Extremist movements hard to control or Pro/Radical Patriotic. Sometime Sense Of Humor can get you to trouble unexpectedly !!!!

    Best Wishes and “Keep up the good work!” :)

  • simplestuffs

    She is goooooooooood !!! awesomely funny videos !!!!

    Yang tersinggung berarti merasaa yaaa……wahahahaha? santaii…aja kaliiiii

  • Chrissy

    The Bribing things…only give ’em Rp 10,000,- if you already act cute in front of the officer, else it’d be such a waste of money…the last time i could get out with Rp 5,000,- only with all the excuses of left my wallet due to an emergency. Ck ck ck…. Good posts though!

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