Teen Claimed to be Police Chief’s Son For Traffic Violation

Febri working in his motor shop

From Detik News:

Dad: Febri Has A Driver License So Give Him The Fine

Devi Suhartoni (43), the father of Febri Suhartoni (18) stated that his son has a driver license (SIM). Therefore, this rubber businessman will understand if the police wants to give a traffic ticket to his son, who falsely claimed to be the Police Chief’s son.

“If Febri should be given a traffic ticket then just give it to him, it’s okay with me,” Devi told reporters at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta.

Devi expressed disappointment with his son who pretended to be the son of National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo. As a parent, he felt an obligation to clarify this incident and pay proper respect to the police institutions.

Devi came to the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters earlier this afternoon. He immediately flew to Jakarta after receiving the news from his family that Febri’s car illegally traveled on the Busway lane and the incident has gone public.

Febri Asked to Open Busway Portal

He immediately met with Rikwanto, the Head of Public Relations for the Jakarta Police Commissionaire, to clarify and apologize to the police institution.

This Busway lane breakthrough incident occurred on Tuesday (July 30th) afternoon at the Galur bus stop. At the time, Febri forced a bus attendant to open the Busway lane portal. He claimed to be to be Timur Pradopo’s son while showing the Police Chief’s name card.

Police Name Card Used to Open Busway Portal

Photos of Febri that have surfaced in the wake of this incident:

Febri with his girlfriendFebri and his girlfriend

Febri Racing His Car

Febri when he was a kid

Comments from Kaskus (1 and 2):


He is just the son of a rubber farmer yet acts like the general’s son. Total difference! =(


I feel sorry for his parents, he pretended to be someone else’s son instead of acknowledging his own parents.


His real dad must be so embarrassed to have a son like that.

berlian trading:

Apparently, his dad is just a rubber general. Haha…


By the way, where did he get the Police Chief’s name card? This incident should be investigated further.


Serves him right! I’m sure his dad will punish him severely. LOL!


Sir, why do you have such an idiotic son?


I feel sorry for his dad since his son is still dumb despite having gone to university.


Let’s put him in jail so he’ll be sodomized by the other prisoners!


If you pretend to be the Police General’s son then why drive a Honda Jazz? It’s so embarrassing!


His face looks like a pig!


His girlfriend is not pretty either! Yuck…


His dad is such a gentleman but why is his son like that? HAHAHA…


This is so Indonesia! People think that they can’t be touched by the law as long as they come from a public officials’ family. Even an ordinary citizen’s son will pretend to be one. Why didn’t he just pretend to be the President’s son?


Well, this is what will happen if a son wishes to have a Police Chief dad but his dream never comes true!

Some Indonesian netizens took to photoshopping Febri’s head onto other pictures:

Febri Feed his Friend

Febri and his toys

Febri as a kid

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