New International Airport Plagued By Picnicking Locals

Resident Having Picnic Outside Kuala Namu Airport

From Kompas:

Picnic at Kuala Namu Airport: Residents Enjoyed Lunch While Sitting on Roll-out Mat

The new Kuala Namu International Airport (KNIA) in Deli Serdang is the new pride of citizens in North Sumatra. In fact, many residents have made the airport their new tourist destination since it officially began operations Thursday (25/7/2013).

Residents of all ages flocked to the airport with their family. They even brought their own food as if going to a picnic. They gathered and ate their lunch around the airport area.

Some people could be seen standing along the road leading to the airport taking photos of planes taking-off or landing. They did not seem to be discouraged by the hot afternoon weather.

Resident on Kuala Namu Airport Roadside

Students in uniforms were also spotted, occupying seats intended for airport passengers. A pair of teenagers showing their affection was also seen.

It became very difficult to distinguish between passengers and the people who came only to experience the Polonia International Airport replacement.

Residents Trying to Enter Kuala Namu Airport

Meanwhile, some children could be seen playing with the baggage carts. They pushed the carts as if they were playing with scooters or toy vehicles. No airport security officer was seen stopping them.

The hectic atmosphere was made worse with the presence of food and beverage vendors who exploited these opportunities to make money. Street hawkers selling merchandise, usually seen at bus terminals, were also observed.

Hawker Vendor Selling Drinks and Instant Noodle

Hawker Vendors Selling Merchandise in Airport

Murni, a resident of the District Sergai, also came with her family and neighbors. She casually rolled out a picnic mat in front of the airport’s arrival entrance.

“We are just visiting this airport to see an airplane live in action. All this time, we’ve only seen it on TV before. Our children are also very happy here. Our group came here by motorcycle and we do not mind the hot weather as long as we’re happy,” she said.

These people did not seem to mind having their meals while surrounded by people’s footsteps or the dust from unfinished airport construction. “We need entertainment/amusement and the airport seems to be a perfect place for it” explained Murni.

Resident Picnic Inside Kuala Namu Airport

Resident Having Picnic Inside Airport

Residents Taking Picture on Kuala Namu Airport Sign

Comments from Kaskus:




These people are such an embarrassment! =(


This is why the Airport Tax is so expensive, because we get extra ‘scenery’. =)


It might be an international airport but don’t expect too much since orangutans are allowed in. =)


This is so Indonesian!! Eventually, the residents will be having picnics on the runway too!

Residents on Roadside to Kuala Namu Airport


I think these people are already happy enough to be inside an airport despite having never boarded an airplane. =)


Haha… It’s too bad they didn’t bring pillows too.. so tacky! Haha….

Sop Pedes:

It is hard to prohibit them since they believe to have the “right” to have a picnic there.


They should be allowed to have a picnic since there are not many open parks in Indonesia.


Will they think they’re staying in a hotel if they sleep at the airport? HAHAHA…


This incident shows the huge social gap between the rich and the poor.


Geez, this is an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT! What if the foreign media reports this story? =(


This is so Indonesia! LOL.


These visitors must be amazed to see an automatic display board that can write itself. Haha.

What do you think? Should this kind of behavior be restricted and this phenomenon controlled?

Taking Picture Near Kuala Namu Airport Runway

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