Musician’s 13-Years-Old Son Kills 6 in High-Speed Car Accident

Dul kills 6 people in high speed car accident

From Yahoo Indonesia:

According to Al: Dul’s Car Reached Speeds of Up to 200 km/h

A deadly accident happened at Km 8 on Jagorawi toll road involving AQJ a.k.a Dul, the youngest son of musician Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty. His brother, Al, mentioned that his brother had been speeding at high speeds prior to the incident.

“He was speeding up to 200 km/h if I’m not mistaken. Suddenly there was a car in front so he immediately jerked the steering wheel to the right.” said Al when interviewed by one of the national TV stations on Monday, 9 September 2013.

This incident certainly makes Ahmad Dhani deeply distraught. Based on various sources, Dhani has never given permission to his youngest son, who is just 13 years old, to start driving.

Although it’s still unknown whether this accident was caused by Dul, Dhani has already expressed his deepest sympathy and apologies to the accident victims’ families. Dhani plans to meet with the victims and families who are involved in the accident today. His intention was expressed by Anang Hermansyah, Dhani’s best friend, when he visited Dul in the hospital.

“I notice that Dhani is deeply devastated by all of this,” said Anang when he visited Dul on Sunday, 8 September 2013.

6 people die in car accident

6 people lying around in the scene

Dul car hit the toll road road divider

Windshield broken

Front tires gone

Airbag Torn apart

Dul Lancer Evo is in very bad shape

Dul already awake in hospital

Ahmad Dani, Al, El - Dul's dad, oldest brother and older brother

From Left to Right: Ahmad Dani, Al, El as Dul’s Dad, his oldest brother and older brother visiting the victim families

Comments from Kaskus (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ):


It’s becoming a popular trend among teens to drive at high speed and take pictures of their speedometer to be uploaded onto Instagram/Twitter


If he knew there was a barrier [on his right side] then why did he jerk the car to the right? That kid is so stupid!


Not surprised at all, the kid drove a [Mitsubishi] Lancer Evo X so he must be speeding all the way up to its max speed limit.


Maybe Dul’s habit is to play racing video game simulators in Timezone [an arcade].


If he didn’t get into an accident then maybe his dad will feel proud of him. Unfortunately, that’s not the case since he hit someone.


Maybe Dul thought he was playing the video game Need For Speed… where after hitting a car he can then just hit the reset button to start playing another round.


Please throw him in jail immediately so he can feel the “rocket” speed of other prisoners raping him.


Wow, he is trying to become a national racer! LOL.


If you want to die then please don’t take other people to die with you!


That boy is crazy… He’s just 13 years old and yet has already sped up to 200 km/h! Even I have only reached up to 180 km/h.


He might have just finished watching The Fast and Furious and wants to try it out on our toll road.


Gosh, maybe he was speeding because he was afraid his dad would be upset with him for coming home so late. :P


200 km/h and 6 people’s lives gone in an instant…

Blissful Thing:



He obviously wanted to show off!!!!

What do you think? Is this his parents fault for bad parental supervision?

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