Famous Actor Kills Elderly Pedestrian with Ducati Superbike

Ari Wibowo with his Ducati Superbike

From Sindonews:

Ari Wibowo Hits A Pedestrian While Riding His Ducati Superbike

Another accident involving a celebrity has happened. This time, the accident involves a veteran actor named R Arianto Wibowo who is usually called Ari Wibowo (43).

This mixed Indonesian – Caucasian TV drama actor struck and injured a pedestrian victim on Wolter Mongonsidi Street, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, exactly in front of SMT Flight Building around 2 PM.

The South Jakarta Metro Police Commissioner, Timin, said that the incident happened when Ari Wibowo was riding his Ducati superbike with license plate B SGO 3712 from Santa to Blok M.

Ari Wibowo in local Police Station

When [Ari] was driving on that street, his superbike hit a pedestrian named Carmadi (80). “The pedestrian lived in Pemalang, Central Java. He was hit while crossing the road,” explained Timin when asked by Sindonews.

CCTV recording obtained from a restaurant near the scene:


The police has obtained new evidence and withdrawn Arianto ‘Ari’ Wibowo as a suspect of careless driving. A CCTV recording showed that Carmadi, an elderly street sweeper with impaired hearing and vision was jaywalking in the middle of the street when he was hit by Ari’s superbike. Carmadi had unfortunately died at Pertamina Hospital. Ari has offered to pay for the man’s hospital bills and pledge full cooperation with the police. He strongly denied that paying for the victim’s hospital and funeral bills will affect any outcome of the police investigation. “Don’t twist it as if this is bribery”, Ari said.

Tjahmadi - the Victim Kids

The Victim – Tjahmadi’s children and grandchild

Comments from Kaskus:


So if you ride a Ducati Superbike then the crash becomes your fault by default? If a motorcycle hits a car then the fault is blamed on the car owner?
Only in Indonesia!


He’s such a gentleman as he brought the victim to the hospital himself!


What’s the big deal with this incident other than it involving a celebrity? I’m sure no one would discuss it if it were us who were involved in the accident. LOL.


It’s okay. At least you got hit by a Ducati instead of being hit by a rickshaw =)

Ducati Superbike Held In Police Station for Evidence


I’m sure he’s being blamed by default just because his bike is expensive! =(


Have you guys watched the CCTV video? It was the grandpa’s fault for running towards the motorcycle.


Isn’t the grandpa already 80 years old? It’s about time for him to leave this world then. haha…


Lucky that it was Ari who hit him. I’m sure the victim’s kids future education will be covered by Ari.


Geez.. It’s just an accident… Don’t be jealous of others just because you can’t afford a Ducati =P


Wow.. Uncle Ari is still handsome even though he’s not that young anymore =)


He’s handsome and responsible too, so cool!


Was the grandpa crossing at the designated crossing area? Don’t just cross the street like a stray cat!


If Ari Wibowo is the in-law of our president then this case will be closed right way!


I just found out our main road is now also used for running a marathon. Lol….

Ari Wibowo on his Ducati Superbike

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