Smoke from Indonesia Affecting Singapore and Malaysia

Pre-Wedding Photo in Singapore Haze Skyline

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Smoke Haze Affects Singapore and Malaysia

The smoke haze coming from the forest fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan has ‘stormed’ into Singapore and Malaysia. This year’s smog is expected to be the worst over the last 16 years.




Marina Bay Resort

Marina Bay Sands Pool


People still Jogging in Singapore

Office Worker with Her Face Mask during Lunch Hour in Singapore Business District

Cranes Standing in Singapore Smoke Haze

Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Landmarks Wawasan Bridge Millenium, Monument Putra Mosque and Office of Prime Minister Putra Perdana

Mount Faber View during Haze Skyline in Singapore

Marina Bay Sand Hotel

Bumboat Passing Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore

National Stadium in Singapore during Hazy Evening

Hazy Skyline in Tanjong Rhu SIngapore

Prewedding Photos Taken during Hazy Skyline in Singapore

After and Before Smoke Haze in Singapore

Singapore Skyline during April and June

Video Clips of the Singapore Smoke Haze:

Comments from Yahoo and Kaskus (1, 2 and 3) :

Athiya Putri:

80% of Indonesian private palm oil plantations have headquarter offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, the smoke should reach those places too! These companies should share the suffering and not only receive profits.


Geez, it’s just smoke! If we send you the FPI [Islamic Defender Front] then you’ll be in real trouble! HAHAHAHA.


I think this is a “love letter” from Indonesia to its neighboring countries. =P


It’s so unusual that this smoke isn’t also being claimed by malingsia!


One more accomplishment that we can be proud of for Indonesia! Hahaha….


Well, you guys should be thankful since the smoke makes the temperature less humid. =)


So not even one person in this forum feels shameful about the issue but instead finds it funny?


Singapore should make a giant fan so that smoke can be deflected to Malaysia. Hahaha…

Singapore Giant Fan


If we ever go to war with the lion [Singapore] and malingsia [Malaysia] then we should burn our forests to make them all suffer! =)


It’s just smoke so if you don’t like it then return it. Haha…


It’s a good thing to send smoke once in a while rather than just sending our labor workers all the time.


These countries are supplied with fresh oxygen from Indonesia’s forests throughout the year but they never show any gratitude. However, they immediately complain the moment they get smoke. =’(

Apakan saya:

Tell the Singaporeans to get out of Singapore and ask the Indonesian corruptors who hid there to go home!


Both Malaysia/Singapore want our lumber, corruption money, sands and labor workers. However, why do they reject the smoke when we also give it away for free?

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  • Marec

    Enjoy the smoq Singapore/Malaysia! This smoke haze is caused by your own palm oil companies in Indonesia who are responsible for the fires.

    • Jacob

      I think Indonesia is gonna get into trouble with other nations as well. Foreign embassies in Malaysia and Singapore have raised the red flag on the irresponsible nature of the Indonesian government for not enforcing laws on these companies. The fact that these companies are in indonesia, it must be govern by the jurisdiction of the indonesian government. As a foreigner perspective, neither from either nations, I frown upon the capabilities of Indonesia to manage their very own law and order.

    • Fishes

      That is really a disgusting behaviour with no sense of environmental responsibility and it goes on to show case your shallow mentality..continuous disregard for your environment and blaming it on other countries will eventually lead to your own downfall..

      Do you know that continuous burning of your forest leads to your land becoming less fertile overtime and eventually barren? You would wait till that forest of yours becomes the next sahara desert just so that you can indulged in your petty spite?


    • vincent_t

      Did you even bother to check if it is a fact before you post it?

      By looking at all those idiotic replies (including yours), I now understand why Indonesia with so much natural resources could lose to the tiny Malaysia and Singapore. Tsk tsk…
      Enjoy sending your people to be laborer to your neighboring countries.

    • elizabeth

      Fortunately, your President is way way wiser than you.

      My respect for him has gone up a number notches after his decisive show of responsibility and apology that has served to set the tone for regional cooperation to tackle the problem.

      Yes, ignore them naysayers, Mr President. Indonesia’s sovereignty remains intact and those who claim to be ‘hurt’ are likely talking about their egos. Hopefully, there are more Indonesians like you.

  • BombaHZ

    wow I’ll be pissed if I planned my vacation to Singapore around this time.

    • Tera

      I disagree! I think this is the best time to go as the hotel prices will be so much cheaper… Less people will visit the casino too so you could get lots of freebies from the casino like free casino credit. Big discount sale also for shopping. =)

      • The Enlightened One

        That’s my thoughts exactly.

        When everyone is doing one thing, bet the other way and get something out of it!

      • markus peg

        Some people don’t care about price or money.
        i would be pissed off if i went and it was all smoggy.

  • elizabeth


    So not even one person in this forum feels shameful about the issue but instead finds it funny?”

    Sir/Madam, applause to you for displaying a sense of responsibility and maturity.

    Apparently, the forest fires happened in concession areas belonging to Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources (APRIL) which are founded/owned by Indonesians, according to a senior presidential aide Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

  • YourSupremeCommander


  • Mighty曹

    This can’t be worse than Beijing.

    • YourSupremeCommander


      • Mighty曹

        That’s Beijing at night

        Here’s Beijing at noon.

    • elizabeth

      There is no merit in comparing with something worse. Doesn’t make the situation any better.

      • Mighty曹

        That depends. Is your head ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’?

  • Yogi

    As a Singaporean, I don’t expect the Indonesian government to say sorry. And honestly, it was really painful to live with smog , as it really hurt the eyes and causing breathless.

    As for whether the companies are from Singapore or Malaysia or Indonesia , it doesn’t matter. The main thing is how do we protect the environment as burning only harm the ecosystem .

    I am glad that the haze in Singapore has gone but I am worried about the
    Malaysian where it hit PSI 700.The next thing is the haze may go
    Thailand .However what upset me was when the Indonesian minister said Sinaporean are like kid and the Indonesian netizen think it is a joke, or even comment getting Islamic Defender Front. to attack Singapore.

    Anyway, what goes around come around.

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  • Amar

    kepada Celomitan …”If we ever go to war with the lion [Singapore] and malingsia [Malaysia] then we should burn our forests to make them all suffer! =)”

    Hebat kamu ye…. tidak sedar ke rakyat kamu ramai yang cari makan di Malaysia atau Singapore? Jadi pendatang tanpa izin dan sebagainya. Tidak tahu berterima kasih?

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