Malaysia Suggests Indonesia Adopt Malay Language, Reactions

Dr Rais Yatim - Malaysia's Ministor of Culture

From TribunNews:

Malaysia Suggests Indonesia Use the Malay Language

The Malaysian Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, YB Dato’ Seri Dr Rais Yatim, said that Malaysia-Indonesia are two leaves from one tree.

“Therefore, it is better if everyone uses the Malay language since it can help to develop our nations,” said Rais Yatim during a dinner banquet with Iswami, at Peninsula.

According to Rais Yatim, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore are under one family when historical roots are examined. Therefore, many similarities can be found because intermixing has occurred for a long time.

Austronesia Malay Language Tree

“Nowadays, I see many people using the Malay language mixed with English words or even reluctant to use the language altogether,“ said Minister Rais Yatim.

He pointed out that America and Britain remain close with each other because both nations use the English language. Therefore, Indonesia and Malaysia should also use the language, which is the Malay language.

Malay Language Promotion Billboard

Comments from Kaskus:


A long time ago, the British colonized America so that’s why they have a similar culture and why the USA is still using the English language. Based on that same logic, does it mean Indonesia was Malaysia’s former colony? It doesn’t make sense!


>Najis, how could you force me to use the Malay language! MalingShit!


Why does Malaysia want to get involved in another country’s language? Even its own language is mixed-up like gado-gado.


Joystick = Happy stick [in Malay Language].. LOL…


Infantry Army = Trample The Earth Army [in Malay]
Forestry Dept = Bush Dept [in Malay]


How dare you [Malaysia]! Why is Malaysia not using the Indonesian language instead? =)


I think there is a hidden agenda behind his comment that we are from the same root. If that’s the case, do you think the way they treat our Indonesian workers (TKI) is appropriate?
Malaysians are sweet talkers but they are actually backstabbers!


If you don’t know Indonesian history then you shouldn’t suggest this ridiculous idea [to use Malay language]!


Is Malaysia even a sovereign country? Don’t talk too much if you’re just a British slave!


indonesia : retirees
malaysia : useless soldiers (wtf)
WTF…Poor retirees!


Sir, there are lots of East Indonesians with dark skin, including myself, who don’t understand your [Malay] language…


That’s a good idea, sir… So when will Malaysia and Singapore also become provinces of Indonesia? Hahaha….

What do you think? Do you speak Malay fluently? Should Indonesia adopt the Malay language?

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