Church Pastor Embezzles 4.7 Trillion from Church Offerings

Pastor Alex Blessing the Church Congregations

From Kompas and Surabaya Pagi:

Pastor Abraham Alex Reported for Embezzling Rp 4.7 Trillion [~US$ 500 million]

Who could have guessed and predicted that a priest’s great name could be held as a guarantee for being free of financial problems? Pastor Abraham Alex Tanuseputra, who has recently been glorified as the founding father of Bethany Church, allegedly embezzled Rp 4.7 trillion from Bethany’s congregation. “I have consulted at the Indonesian National Police Headquarters level. From the data that I have already presented to the investigator, Pastor Abraham Alex is not only suspected of embezzling the church’s funds, but there is also a strong indication that he’s involved in money laundering,” expressed George Handiwiyanto, SE, SH, MH, to the Special Police Criminal Investigation Directorate for the East Java area.

Pastor Alex during Christmas Service in Bethany Jakarta

George predicts that this criminal report against Pastor Abraham Alex will take the public by storm because that person is a pastor. “The congregation’s money is given to God and not for personal expenses or even distributed to family members,” expressed the lawyer who is also a Christian. He emphasizes that this criminal report is to remind all those who manage the finances for congregations of any religion to be trustful and to not use it for business or family purposes. Asked whether the evidence related to these embezzlement and money laundering allegations were already prepared, George replied emphatically, “I am a servant of the Lord who demands truth and justice. So I do not mess around. Moreover, in the judicial system, the evidence must be prepared completely and accurately. Insha Allah, I’ll officially submit it soon to the investigators,” added the man who is known to enjoy entertainment, sports and social activities.

According to George Handiwiyanto, the scandal regarding the mismanagement of Bethany Indonesian Church’s funds, which is located in the residential area of Nginden Intan Timur, Surabaya, has been going on for quite some time. “In 2007, there were some rumors about it but my clients wanted to settle it internally as it was related to the church and its congregation. Since there had been no good faith from Pastor Abraham Alex, therefore to seek justice and the truth, in the end my client who is also a pastor reported this to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. However, Pastor Abraham Alex was not present during the arbitration. So now I escalate this to both the criminal and civil courts so people can learn that one can’t hide the truth regardless of how smart a person is” added this middle-aged man.

Pastor Alex Abraham Joint Sermon with Benny Hinn in Bethany Church Nginden Surabaya:

Comments from Surabaya Pagi and Detik:

Susanna Moegihanto:

Now you know that a pastor is also just a sinful human being hehehe. It’s proven now!

Samuel Ruddy Angkouw:

This is already PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE! Do you think it’s normal for a priest to have Rp 4.7 TRILLION?

Respati Ajeng Indrani:

Church offerings/expenses should be announced in the church news bulletin every week just like in my previous church..

Pastor Alex Giving Sermon in Bethany Jakarta

Soren Hartoko:

It is true that the only occupation that is very promising and lucrative nowadays is working in the church. As long as one is good at speaking in tongues, one will surely be successful…

Labih Basar:

This is getting so complicated now… At the beginning, Bethany church was just a very small church funded by Pastor Alex himself. So that’s why he assumes that the church is his own…

Bethany Nginden During Xmas Eve Mass Service 2012

Agus Wangsja:

This is similar to Pastor Kong Hee from City Harvest Church who was arrested in Singapore last time. These days, religion is being used as a disguise to seek wealth!


I’ve been to that church once. The church is so luxurious man… Are they looking for God or wealth over there?

Bethany Church Nginden Surabaya During Regular Sunday Services

For kid:

Wow, that’s so much money, bro… I bet they wouldn’t even be able to spend it all after 7 generations…


At least, this pastor won’t be arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commision haha…


I’m sure the congregation will slap the pastor’s right cheek just like in the bible


Will the pastor give his other cheek as well? Only the pastor will know…… hahaha

What do you think?

Bethany Church in Nginden Surabaya from sky view

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