Young Boy Given a BMW as Elementary School Graduation Gift

Muhammad with his new BMW series 1

From Detik OTO:

BMW Car Awarded For Son’s Elementary School Graduation

What do parents usually give their children after graduation from primary school? They usually give a new cell phone, plan a vacation or maybe even present a new motorcycle. In this case, Muhammad Ath Thariq Halim’s parents bought him a brand new car to be modified!

This boy from Palembang Grade 8 junior high school was rewarded with a BMW 1 Series car that cost 525 million rupiah [US$ 52,500] off the road in Jakarta. Tariq has been wishing for this made in Germany car for a while. His wish finally came true after he successfully graduated from elementary school.

Thariq and his Modified BMW series 1

“I had to graduate from elementary school to get this BMW 116 series. My father bought it for me and he paid for it in cash. I had to wait for 3 months before it was finally delivered to my home.” said Tariq when detikOto met him at his residence in Palembang last weekend.

Tariq explained that he chose this car because there was only 1 unit in Palembang and now he has the second unit. This made him very proud of his white color car.

Tariq explained that he hasn’t driven his car to school yet because it was not allowed. Therefore, he asks his chauffeur to drive him to school instead. Thank God, don’t drive when you are still a kid!

To make the car look more sporty, Tariq has directly ordered an accessories package from Germany that cost Rp 212 million [US$ 21,200].

BMW Series 1 Wheels Accessories from Germany

At this point, Tariq is still not satisfied with his car because the Supersprint dual-pipe exhaust he ordered still hasn’t been delivered to his home garage. He had ordered it from Germany 3 months ago. “The item is still being held by Indonesian Customs,” complained Tariq.

Comments from Kaskus:


Crap, I was only given money to buy a kite when I graduated from elementary school… =(


When I graduated from elementary school, I was only given the chance to continue to junior high school. :D


Even people who graduated from high school don’t get a car!


After my elementary school graduation, I was given a circumcision ceremony [Muslim Ritual]. Hahaha…


I’m confused, what would he get after his graduation from university then? Hmmm…


I only received a new backpack for junior high school after I graduated from elementary school. That’s it!

New BMW Series 1 Owned by Thariq


Does anyone know what his dad’s occupation is? He spent half a trillion Rupiah as if it was just small change for him. Geez…


I was spanked by my parents since my grades were so bad even though I still graduated! HAHAHA…


I only received Tintin and Smurf comics after my elementary school graduation. :(


It’s probably because his dad didn’t think that his boy can graduate from elementary school. That’s why his dad arrogantly promised him a car just to motivate him. HAHAHA…


My kids asked for a new iPhone for their graduation. I told them that it is too much, where the hell am I supposed to get the money from???
Yet this kid asked for a BMW car and he really got it. =(


His parents’ good intention is for him to drive it, get into an accident and die young :)


I only received an ugly and cheap pen!


I got a vacation trip around Bali after my graduation… and that’s because I live in Bali :|


I think his parents might be too busy working so they feel guilty.


Will he ask for a private island after he graduates from high school?

What do you think? Did you get anything for graduating from primary school?

Thariq and his BMW Modified Sound System

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