Foreigner Crashes Google Street View Car, Attempts to Flee

Google Car Hits Trucks in Indonesia

From Detik News:

Google Street View Car Hits Minibus As Driver Checked Cellphone While Driving

A Google Street View car crashed into two minibusses and one truck in Bogor, South Jakarta. The driver, Sulthan (50), caused this accident when checking his phone while driving.

“When he entered the Ciomas area, he was seen checking SMS on his phone. That was the cause of the accident,” said Chief of Police Darmaga AKP S Gayo to detikcom.

Google Car Accident in Indonesia

Gayo said that Sulthan hit a minibus while driving in the Ciomas area. The minibus driver was angry and this caused Sulthan, who was born in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, to frantically try fleeing the accident scene. It was then that Sulthan crashed his Subaru car into another minibus and a truck.

“There were no casualties in this accident except some material losses,” he said.

Gayo was unable to confirm when asked whether Sulthan can speak Indonesian. “We only received preliminary information about the incident,” he said.

Comments from Kaskus (1 , 2 ):

Why did the driver try to run away? It’s such an embarrassment for Google.


I think the driver was looking at the cute girls. Haha…


Damn, this case becomes much more complicated if it’s a hit and run…

Google Car in Jakarta


I think the driver is Dul’s friend! =)


How will they punish the driver now? GRRR.


I thought the Google Street View car is an automatic vehicle with no driver [self-driving]… guess not.


Luckily, no one stole [the mapping camera] equipment on top of the car. Haha…

Tourism Minister Indonesia Marie Pangestu Presenting Google Car Indonesia


I’ve not heard of any issues with the Google street car in any other countries except here… It’s a true reflection of Indonesia’s traffic situation

Google Street View Car in Jakarta


I don’t like the locals’ vigilantism since they destroyed the Google’s car… How the hell will Indonesia be able to improve?


Damn, how could they destroy another car for an accident?


I think the driver might have been updating his Google+ while driving. Haha.


Hopefully, this accident won’t be used by the police for blackmail purposes…


It’s the driver’s fault! Poor Google car… =(


Don’t be too surprised. It’s so much like Indonesian culture that a matter cannot be solved peacefully.


Do you think it’s easy to make a map in Indonesia? You have to deal with these angry truck drivers first! LOL.

What do you think?

Google Car in slum area in Jakarta

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