Indonesian Crew Fear For Safety After Controversial Film

The Act of Killing Documentary Film

From Kompas International:

“The Act of Killing” Indonesian Director’s Name Omitted Due to Fear Of Intimidation

For filmmakers invited to the Oscar event, they view it as an opportunity not to be missed. More so if the movies they produced or acted in were nominated in that annual prestigious event.

However, it turns out that this golden opportunity was missed by the film director of ‘The Art of Killing’ originating from Indonesia. For him, publicity is not a good idea.

Anwar the act of killing actor

Anwar Congo and his grandkids from the film “The Act of Killing.”

In fact, it is not only the director who has decided to be ‘anonymous’ but also as many as 60 Indonesian film crew members who have follow suited.

Their names will not appear in the title credits as they have been deliberately removed for fear of being targeted by anti-communist groups in Indonesia.

The Act of Killing Slaughtering Scene

“For me, attending the Oscars is not possible anymore. Too much publicity on me as the film director might threaten my own safety,” the director told The Independent newspaper.

“I’m not the type of person who likes to show off my achievement. Being anonymous does suit me,” he added.

The documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer gained a lot of praise for portraying those who were involved in the mass murder of the failed coup d’etat in 30 September 1965.

This film depicts the perpetrators involved in the massacre who have now grown older. It showcases many horror stories which have never appeared in Indonesian history anywhere.

Filming was done in 120 cities across Indonesia. Around 11,000 people have already downloaded this movie for free from the internet since last November.

“The Act of Killing” Full Movie on YouTube:

Comments from Kaskus (1 and 2):


Hehehehe… His reputation is already bad even without that movie…


Well, Indonesians tend to have bad reputations since the beginning anyways… =)


‘The Act of Killing’ film is purposely made as propaganda to tarnish Indonesia’s reputation… We should not be too surprised.


It’s only a movie so it can contain the truth or absolute lies!


What if the May 1998 riots were also made into a movie? I think Indonesia’s reputation would be rocked further.


Well, the Chinese shouldn’t act shocked after watching the movie. What a hypocritical and idiotic group of people since they actually eat baby fetuses!

Tonggi: (in reply to Dejohnette)

Well, why do native Indonesian people still use products that are made in China then? What a double hypocritical people!

Dejohnette: (in reply to Tonggi)

Well, the water you drink is from Indonesia so don’t drink and take showers with it if you’re disgusted with Indonesia. Go and import water from China instead. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah


Do they dare make movie about Freeport? I’m sure the US will sue them for defamation or declare war.


Just take it easy. This kind of movie is only famous overseas but not in Indonesia since our people don’t really care about it.


I think Hitler is still the coolest in terms of his number of victims =)


Why is the movie not making any waves in Indonesia? No one seems to be bothered by it.


I haven’t watched it but the movie looks exciting.


That movie is made for us to reflect so that the same incident won’t happen again.

What do you think?

The Act of Killing Comments

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