Changing School Hours to Ease Traffic in Jakarta, Reactions

Elementary Students in Jakarta

From Berita Satu:

Jakarta Provincial Government Changes School Hours to Reduce Congestion

The Vice Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahja Purnama, said that there is a proposal to change school hours from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM. This change in school hours will result in students having to go home a bit later.

He said that the plan to change school hours to 9:00 aims to reduce congestion in Jakarta. According to his observation, however, Jakarta’s traffic is still very crowded during this hour.

Based on his analysis, traffic jams occur because many private cars are dropping off children at schools. It can be demonstrated by how the streets of Jakarta are free of private motor vehicles during school holidays.

“There has been a study conducted to reduce traffic jams. The traffic is more congested at 9 AM only on certain occasions. In our analysis, Jakarta’s streets are much more empty during school holidays. The traffic jam is mostly caused by private cars near school areas,” he said.

High School Students in Jakarta

Comments from Kaskus:


It’s a good idea for students to start at 9 AM. However, it’ll be troublesome after school since the timing is the same as when people get off work.


Why do you sacrifice the students when you can’t solve the traffic jam issue?


Ahok would like to change the school hours since his kids always wake up late and do not bathe before school. LOL.


Can you make the university hours a bit later too since I can’t wake up early? =)


In this case, who will drive the kids to school?


I think if we change the school hours to start at 9 AM, it will make the students less disciplined! =)


Gosh, there’ll be traffic jams for my noon classes! =(


This idea has so many disadvantages… One of them is making children lazy when it comes to waking up in the morning.


I think if school hours are moved to 9 AM, my parents will ask me to help out with household chores first. =(


I think it’s just Ahok’s bad idea since he’s Chinese so the Muslims won’t have time to pray in the morning.


School hours will be same as office hours now. =(


We should move all schools out of Jakarta to the suburban areas.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to change the start of school in order to ease traffic congestion in Jakarta?

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