Jakarta Without Cars, Traffic Jams, and Congestion

Traffic in Jakarta on a typical day

Traffic in Jakarta during regular peak hours

Jakarta is infamous for being one of the most congested cities in Asia. You can practically see millions of motorcycles, cars and trucks when traveling on its streets. The inevitable traffic jams, pollution and noise negatively impact this city and its inhabitants almost everyday.

Jakarta’s hectic traffic situation is often made fun of, and can be best expressed with the following image from 9GAG titled “Meanwhile in Jakarta…”

9gag Post: Meanwhile in Jakarta.....

Yahoo Indonesia recently posted images of Jakarta streets almost completely without cars. Netizens were debating whether such road conditions would ever be possible, and what measures should be used to solve or mitigate the unsustainable traffic situation in Jakarta.

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Dreaming of a Traffic-Free Jakarta

It is not a fantasy, but there have been times when the streets of Jakarta have been quiet and free from traffic congestion. This happened amid the last local election on July 11th and also during the Muslim Holiday Eid ul-Fitr. Hopefully the new governor can make traffic-free situations in Jakarta a permanent reality (even though the streets might not be as empty as shown in these pictures).

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Jakarta streets without traffic

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia:


Jakarta is only free of traffic when there is a holiday.


Maybe if the capital [of Indonesia] was moved elsewhere [away from Jakarta]?

Yang Diam Pasti Lobet:


Erick Sasongko:

If Jakarta became like that, then its economy would die too…


In my opinion, people should get used to walking more. They [government] should also get rid of street side vendors and reduce the number cars and motorcycles.


It would be great if everyday could be like this… hehehe.


It’s nice when there are traffic jams… otherwise life will be super boring.


This is totally an impossible situation… Jakarta could be free of traffic jams only in Photoshop…

Ressi Nur muzaki:

One possible suggestion is to limit the number of new cars. There are way too many new vehicles in Indonesia.


If you don’t want to experience traffic jams, then don’t live in Jakarta! “WHO ASKED YOU TO MOVE HERE, YOU GET WHAT YOU CAME FOR….”


It will be better if we create many capital cities so that Jakarta won’t get too overloaded, like in South Korea.

Lukman Riyanto:

If you don’t want to be stressed out by road traffic, just move the capital city to Papua. The air is fresh over there.


To avoid traffic jams, more priority should be given to building a better public transportation system.


Will Jakarta’s road conditions improve when the MRT [Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit] is in operation? The answer could be YES or NO, but we can only hope for the best.

The Iron Candy:

The root cause is because TOTAL POPULATION IN INDONESIA HAS EXPLODED!!! To achieve traffic-free roads in Jakarta, it’ll probably take another hundred years!!!

What’s the worst traffic you’ve experienced? In Indonesia? Around the world? What could realistically be done about such congestion?

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