Independence Day: Foreigner Questions and Indonesian Answers

Original Declaration of Independence on August 17, 1945

Original Declaration of Independence on August 17, 1945

Indonesia celebrated its 67th birthday yesterday…

From Kaskus:

Patriotic slogans that make Indonesian people proud to be an INDONESIAN.

Our nation and country has a lot of potential, and the same applies to all of us. However, how deep our patriotism depends on every individual, everyone Indonesian like us. Let’s realize our potential. Our nation, our country…Indonesia.

Imagine these following conversations between:
A: Indonesian
B: Foreigner

Rich Nation

B: What made Indonesia so interesting?
A: Something that made the imperialist colonialists hold out for 350 years, while every single day their comrades were impaled with a piece of sharp bamboo.

Proud and Rich Nation

Spirit for Unity

B: How could I imagine the struggle of Indonesian heroes to achieve independence?
A: Imagine millions of termites in a humongous mansion. Whenever you get rid of them, they reappear the next day with a bigger “army”. The moment you give up on them, that’s the exact moment you will lose a part of your house.

United in Indonesia

Brave Heroism

B: Is it true that the bravery of the Indonesia’s heroes is undeniable?
A: Is it possible for you to avoid the bullet shot by a rifle? If it’s not possible, and are you still willing to run toward the mighty rifles with just a piece of sharp bamboo?

Fearless Heroism

The Freedom Nation

B: Is Indonesia’s independence that important to you?
A: When the fighters smiled in their dying moment and their last words were: “My death means freedom for my wife and children one day.” Is there anything more important?

Independence Declaration on August 17,1945

Friendly Nation

B: How will I ever be able to communicate with an Indonesian when I have never known him?
A: The moment you see each other and bow your heads [to greet], right then they are your friend.

Friendly Nation

Home to Exotic Natural Biodiversity

B: Tell me about the living ecosystem in Indonesia?
A: Imagine 10% of plants, 12% of mammals, 16% of reptiles, 17% of birds, and 25% of fishes of the world live in Indonesia, while Indonesia is actually only 1.3% of the whole world.

Unique Biodiversity

A Nation with Morality

B: Do you want to be the richest nation in the world?
A: If we sell the 1700 islands that we have, where every island is rich with precious natural resources, then we can possibly cover our bodies with diamonds. But this would not compare to an island of memories.

Morality Nation

Large Population

B: How many people are there in Indonesia?
A: When you are being mean to us, get ready to face 3.4% of the people in the world.

Large Population in Indonesia

The Willingness to Prioritize Others

B: How do you treat your elders?
A: Once I sat in a bus, an old lady came toward me. So without a doubt I got up and gladly gave up my seat to her. She just smiled to me and let her kids to sit while she stood beside me.

Indonesia soldiers to protect and sacrifice themselves for the country

Gotong Royong

B: How about your relationship with each other?
A: Just build a house in one of our villages and your new neighbors will surely ask “Is there anything I can help with?” with a very sincere smile.

Helping each other to achieve common goal


B: How compassionate are you towards others?
A: If you were to suddenly stop breathing this moment among strangers then I can assure you that you will have a good funeral.

Muslim Funeral Ceremony in Indonesia

The Indonesian Language

B: What is the significance of the Indonesian language to you?
A: A language that unifies at least 200 millions Indonesians.

Indonesia National Language

The Unique Fashion Style

B: How is the clothing fashion in Indonesia?
A: If you know “Batik“, then for sure that you will want to wear it.

Batik as Indonesia's Cultural Heritage


B: Why are there lots of poor people in Indonesia?
A: Once the public authorities have the same level of patriotism as our heroes, then I’m 100% sure Indonesia will rise again!

Wayang is Indonesia's Traditional Puppets


A: Why did you ask so many questions? Just come to Indonesia!!
B: I am afraid that if I do, I won’t want to go home ever again.

Komodo-Dragon-in-Komodo-Island, Rinca, Flores


Let’s keep moving forward. We have so much potential in our beloved Indonesia. Indonesia has given so much to us, now it’s our turn to build, expand, defend, and nurture this nation. Let’s improve our nation in every sector to its fullest potential.

Alone we are weak, but together we are invincible!

Comments from Kaskus:


Almost cried reading this..
Nice thread..
Thumbs up for you!


Wow..nice words..!
I am smiling imagining myself answering those foreigners questions hahaha….


This is AWESOME!
Create more pride in being Indonesian.


I’m indeed speechless!
Let us respect the motherland that has raised us, our birth place, and the place we’ll die.
I’ll never leave Indonesia!

Mount Bromo At Sunrise, Java, Indonesia


Full of meaningful words.
Happy Birthday Indonesia!


Fiuhhh…this thread makes me proud of my nation that has the nickname ‘The Tiger Of Asia’ and I’m sure this nation will be a great nation!


This is cool stuff!!
I’m becoming more and more proud to be an Indonesian!


This gives me goose bumps!
I’m sure Indonesia can still achieve success.

Beautiful Indonesia Ocean




I’m proud to be an Indonesian to its fullest! . .


Even if someday I don’t remember these anymore, I will still proud to be an Indonesian!


I’m PROUD to be an Indonesian!


Maybe the only problem with Indonesian people is not being self-sufficient.


I love Indonesia!


>So proud to be Indonesian…
We just need to eradicate the corruption…




I am so touched, boss, our country is indeed very rich, we have everything! Unfortunately, our government is not fully committed to explore its potential.


This is so cool, I want to contribute more to my beloved Indonesia!!

What do you think of Indonesia as a whole? Have you ever been to Indonesia before?

Rice Field in Indonesia

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