Local Artist Releases Sexy Music Video with Timbaland and T.I.

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Cover Shoot

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Agnez Mo Releases Music Video “Coke Bottle”

After launching the music video for “Coke Bottle” on Vevo on 17 March 2014, Agnez Mo (also known as Agnes Monica Muljoto) finally released her official international video clip, the result of her collaboration with Timbaland and T.I..

In the video clip released by MTV Hits, Agnez looks sexy with her energetic dance moves while accompanied by male dancers. Timbaland and T.I. are also present in the video clip.

Check out the photos behind the making of video clip “Coke Bottle”:

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 8

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 7

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 6

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 5

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 4

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene1

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 2

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle Behind Scene 3

Comments from YouTube and Yahoo:


Congrats Agnes, all the best. For people who like to bring her down, you can watch her!


Her costumes look so ridiculous, hopefully she can improve them in the future. BRAVO Agnez!

Shinta Cindy:

Her batik gown is crazy yet cool!


At last, her wish to go international has come true after years of hard work. Hehehe… congrats!

Ridwan Sainiwan:

I love you, Agnes.. Indonesia is with you… All the people who are jealous of you are small-minded people…


I bet her song won’t sell in the US!

#Gue#: (in reply to Tukang)

Her video is already number 1 on the MTV channel. Don’t you have a TV at home?

Aldhy: (in reply to Tukang)

Gosh, as if you have enough money to bet with when you’re still borrowing for daily expenses! WHAT A DOUCHEBAG!


Sorry guys, she claims to be a devoted religious person yet she always acts like a naughty girl. =(

Sinar: (in reply to Dee)

She’s really a devoted religious person.. her religion asks her to expose her private parts and then she does it. =)

Rina Yulaikah:

The arts won’t be understood by regular people… Go Agnez! If this is your passion and soul then do it with all your heart… Do not care of what other people say!


Unfortunately, her white skin has become so tanned! She looks so ugly now!


Haha, there aren’t that many views on her video… it’s only 100,000 views!

Muhamad: (in reply to Evnefs)

It’s only been 24 hours so it’s normal to only have 100,000 video views… if it’s already a week then it’s another story.

Sinyo Adhie:

Geez, what an embarrassment to your own mother!


Why does she look like she wore a baby diaper?


So sad… She has gone overseas since her albums are not selling well in her own country… Keep dreaming for success till the end of the world.

What do you Think?

Agnez Mo Coke Bottle with Diaper Costume

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