Angry Teen Complains About Pregnant Woman Wanting Train Seat

Dinda Path account and comment about pregnant train passenger.

From Merdeka:

Unsympathetic Teenager Wants Pregnant Woman to Resign from Work

A Path social media account user named Dinda expressed her hatred of a pregnant woman who asked for a seat while riding the train. In response to her friends’ comments, Dinda wanted the pregnant woman to get off so she won’t inconvenience other train passengers.

‘Febrina: Yes, I resent seeing her wanting to get a seat so easily. Hopefully when the baby is born, her kid won’t give others trouble unlike the mom.
Nyo: I often see these kind of people, they act so innocent and pretend they don’t trouble others [are inconsiderate of others].
beb: Yes, this really upsets me. She should take the bus or depart earlier in the morning. What a slacker. She should just resign from her office so she can stay at home,” wrote Dinda with angry emoticons.

priority seats in train

Window stickers on a train indicating priority seating for the handicapped, pregnant, elderly, and passengers with children.

A sociologist from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Musni Umar, said that these teenagers can be categorized as individualistic people.

‘These teens are people who do not care about other people and are only concerned with themselves. Their behaviors aren’t in-line with Indonesian culture. Their behaviors are likely influenced by their friends or broken family,” said Musni when discussing with

only women allowed in this train

Comments from Kaskus:


I think she wants to know how it feels to be pregnant. I can help you with that, girl. =)!


She’s also a woman. Does she think it’s very easy to hold your baby in your stomach for 24 hours for 9 months?!


Who are the parents that educated these heartless teenagers?!


Why do we have to surrender our seat when there’s no such law? All of us are paying customers!


Maybe the pregnant woman was bitching at her by saying “Move! I’m pregnant”. And this whole incident happened because the teenager was also in a bad mood!


I think this teenager was born from a donkey since she’s so dumb!!


I’m sure that karma will get her someday. She’ll experience whatever she is saying now…!


Hopefully after that pregnant woman gives birth, her kid won’t be like this teenager.!


This is not an individualistic teenager but a spoiled kid!!


I pray this teenager will fail her exam if she’s having one…Amen…!


Her ethics are even worse than that of an animal!!


That teenager should be allowed to sit in the priority seats for being mentally retarded!!


Isn’t she also a woman? tsk tsk tsk…!

What do you think?

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    My initial reaction was also “wow, what a bitch, you should always move for a pregnant lady!”

    But then one of the comments raised the possibility of the pregnant lady being rude, and then I realized that there isn’t really enough details to judge the internet post. Perhaps she’s just venting her frustration.

    Still, I’d probably move for a pregnant woman regardless. If not for the woman’s sake then at least I’d do it for the baby.

    • UserID01

      It’s one thing, I think, if you didn’t realize the pregnant woman was there and she was irritated (hormones and pregnancy pains can really get on a woman’s nerves) and spoke rudely to you to get you to leave your seat. I mean, I understand being irritated by someone talking to you in such a rude away. Though I would’ve been angry, I also would try to understand why she’s irritated and apologize and give up my seat.

      It’s another thing to actually see the pregnant woman and think to yourself, “Screw that, I’m not getting up.” That’s just rude. I mean, how does it hurt to give up your seat today, just today, for a pregnant woman? It’s not that big a deal.

      • Surfeit

        Good analysis.

      • Balkan

        If a pregnant lady was rude to you, why would YOU apologize? We can all have a bad day, but that does not excuse us from being rude to people who have nothing to do with our mood. I would happily give up my seat when asked politely, but would be really annoyed if someone demanded it and taking me giving my seat up for granted.

    • Guest

      I get moody during my period before I went on the pill – I imagine that being pregnant would make one moodier – both the hormones itself and the weight and discomfort of possibly kicking baby – and the realisation that your life as a single is OVER – once the baby is born, no more sleep!

      So yeah, we should give our seats to pregnant women no matter how rude they are, and young parents with an armful of infant.

      …and seniors, but it’s tricky, increasingly there are some seniors who are offended when you see them as seniors…

    • Radioactive_Panda

      Instead of a train, I take the bus and at times when a pregnant woman comes on no one gets up and sometimes the old people without a cane can’t sit but stand up. When I’m sitting near the front of the bus, I’d call out to the person and make them sit while I stand up for the ride.

  • god i hate preggos

  • vonskippy

    Lets see, pregnant women keep the human race alive, so what type of moron disrespects them? The pregnant women shouldn’t have to ask (politely or otherwise), the lazy ass teen should have got her useless ass up out of the seat without being prompted.

  • Surfeit

    “She should take the bus or depart earlier in the morning. What a slacker.” This has to be the best idea ever. While we’re at it, send the old folks to an island and film their struggle.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    This kid deserves a

  • 오다

    She was born from a donkey indeed lol

  • elizabeth

    Maybe she didn’t know the meaning of ‘Priority Seat’.

  • indoneshit

    not surprised, these monkies have no human decency

  • Radioactive_Panda

    I bet when those teens are older and pregnant when there on a full train. No one gets up for them seeing their pregnant, hopefully they look back and remember that “I was like them at their age” not getting up for pregnant people.

  • doraemon1971

    Let her wait till she’s pregnant and needs to sit down on a train. Hopefully another girl will complain on her then.

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