Man Drinks Water Used to Wash Megawati’s Feet, Reactions

Old man drinking water used to wash Megawati's feet

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Drinking Water Used to Wash Megawati’s Feet Becomes Talk of Netizens

Netizens are excitedly discussing the phenomenon of drinking water used to wash the feet of Megawati Sukarnoputri, Chairman of the bull party, PDI-P.

Most people might not understand, why are there people who still believe in the blessing power of drinking water used to wash the feet of a leader?

In a photo, one of the political party members named Cecept Ondon Iskandar (68) was seen drinking water used to wash the feet of Megawati. This man who was born in Tomo, Sumedang was quoted by the news media that he didn’t feel disgusted doing so.

Cecep was determined to wash the feet of Megawati and then use the water to wash his face before he dies. His dream has now been accomplished and Cecep felt really relieved! However, his action is being widely discussed online. On the Kaskus website, his action became a trending topic among netizens.

It has also become a hot topic on Twitter. “Yuccckkk”, wrote user @lmaseva on Twitter to express his disgust. “Why are there still people like that .. I can’t think of any good reason… hahahahahaha,” wrote @rezaphotograph. “I’ve suddenly lost all my appetite,” wrote @farmillah.

Boy kissing Megawati Hand to show respects

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia and Kaskus (1 and 2):


This is my Indonesia! =(


Wow, Megawati is considered a queen now =(


His devotion is way too much!


I think we should wash our parents’ feet instead… but still, without drinking the water. =)


He should put some ice to make the water more drinkable. hahaha…


Why didn’t he drink Megawati’s pee too? What an old dumbass!


He’ll probably get diarrhea tomorrow. LOL


Worse than a licker. Yuck…


Yuck, so disgusting. Who knows if Megawati stepped on frog shit earlier. =(


Might as well use the water for shower and making noodle soup!


Who does she think she is? It’s only acceptable if she’s God.


The water might as well be mixed with sugar and placed in a bottle to be sold as Mega feet juice.


The leader is shameless and her followers are dumb. That’s why this incident happened… hahaha


Megawati looked so happy and proud of herself in the picture… unbelievable.

Whose feet water would you drink?

Megawati Giving Speech

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