Nazi-Themed Cafe In Indonesia Sparks Global Outrage, Reactions

nazi cafe in Bandung, Indonesia

From Detik News:

Owner of ‘Nazi’ café in Bandung: Simply Art, not Pro-Nazi

The usage of Nazi symbols in a cafe located at Bandung has become controversial. The cafe owner insists that the usage of these logos are not a matter of ideology since he does not adhere or support the actions of the Nazis during World War II.

swastika nazi logo in cafe

So why did he choose the Nazi logo for the café?

“It is simply part of pop culture with the theme of World War II from the Germany side. It is an art, not extremism and racism,” explained Henry Mulayana, the owner of Soldaten Kaffe.

soldaten-kaffee in Paris vs Bandung

Inside Soldaten Kaffe, located at Pasir Kaliki Street (Bandung), he claims that this theme was chosen solely based on his interest in the history of World War II. He has a special interest in the history of the controversial Nazi troops.

henry mulyana, the cafe owner

“The cafe is only promoting military history. It’s my hobby to explore World War II’s history but not its ideology,” he added while explaining that the name ‘Soldaten’ means soldier.

Nazi cafe owner Henry Mulyana’s press statement:

Comments from Kaskus:


Where is this café located? I want to visit it! =)


I’m sure this conspiracy theory is started by the Americans so this cafe will be closed down!


The café owner is such an idiot. Even the Germans hate Hitler!

AFP Story Indonesia-Germany-History-Nazi-WWII-war by Presi Mandari  This picture taken on July 16, 2013 shows the outside of the Soldatenkaffe "The Soldiers' Cafe" in Bandung. From a painting hung high on a blood-red wall, Adolf Hitler peers down on young students eating schnitzel and slurping German beer in Indonesia's Nazi-themed cafe


I challenge any of you to open a café with a PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) theme!


Wow, so cool! If we visit the café, do we need to wear Hitler’s mustache as accessories too?

Monte Carlo:

I’m a Hitler fan! I even have all the books about Hitler!

nazi cafe owner, Henry Mulyana


Why is the Nazi-theme café an issue while a book called Mein Kampf written by Hitler distributed freely?


Business competition is fierce so that’s why the owner has to create some controversy, otherwise it might go bankrupt! Haha…


As brutal as Hitler was, he was a great leader in his time!


Does this café also have a gas chamber that was used during the Holocaust?


This café is only open in Indonesia but why are those foreigners so upset? This café simply has a Nazi theme, it’s not trying to promote the Nazi’s ideology. =(


It’s very cool but we should be more considerate toward others. What if other countries create a café with a PKI [Indonesia Communist Party] theme? We wouldn’t want it to happen, right?


No one cares about Nazism in Indonesia, unlike those foreigners.


They should also have a U-Boat [military submarine] replica placed outside the café. Haha…

What do you think about this café’s theme? Do you think it is appropriate?

nazi-cafe-staff take picture together

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