Robber Interrupts Crime to Make Milk and Feed a Crying Baby

armed robber in police station

From Yahoo Indonesia:

News of “Kind-hearted” Tangerang Robber Who Fed A Baby Went Viral Worldwide

Robbing helpless victims, which Kojek Mista and his accomplices did, is indeed a sadistic and cruel act. However, this intimidating and fully-tattooed 30-year-old man apparently still has some sense of humanity. He interrupted his crime just to make infant formula milk and put the victim’s baby to sleep.

This incident happened while he raided a house for its valuables at BSD Park Land Provance Lengkong Gudang complex, Serpong, South Tangerang.

The news about this soft-hearted robber then went global. The news has been published by several international media outlets. The Daily Mail recently ran an article titled, “Armed robber who broke into Indonesian house interrupts his crime to feed and cradle crying baby while the mother is tied up”.

Similar to the story reported by the popular British media, Kojak became concerned during the robbery when he heard the baby crying and asked the tied-up mother for advice. The mother then replied that her baby boy needed milk to calm down.

Following her instructions, Kojak then mixed 2 tablespoons of milk formula with water, fed the 4-month-old baby and cradled him to sleep.

Herry Heryawan, a Jakarta police officer, explained that Kojek Mista’s paternal instinct was the reason why he interrupted the crime, despite having four other accomplices who were armed with pistols, swords, knives and a crowbar.

These criminals were later arrested inside another house in Jakarta. The police confiscated two motorcycles, machetes, crowbars, and a number of other items. They were sentenced to serve 10 years of jail time.

The China Radio International (CRI) Indonesian edition news site also covered this story with an article titled, “Robber Feeds Victim’s Baby Out Of Pity”.

Comments from Kaskus:


A robber is still a human being too. =(


Hurry and repent sir, before it’s too late!


Only the corrupt are usually despicable and shameless!


It’s better for him to become a babysitter than a robber! LOL…


Why didn’t he mop the floor and wash the dishes too? HAHAHA…


I’m sure his wife is always nagging at him to take care of his kid. Haha.


What a nice thief, he bothered to make milk for his victim’s baby. But still, why did he steal so many valuables?

Ray Curtis:



He’s so not ready to be a burglar! =)


The baby was lucky the robber didn’t breast feed him!


This incident reminds me of the Rob-B-Hood movie by Jackie Chan. It has a similar storyline. Haha…


I’m sure the robber would have made a cup of coffee for the dad too if he was crying… LOL


What an amateur and idiotic robber!


If the child was a cute 17-year-old girl, I’m sure the robber would be asking for her ‘milk’ instead of making milk for her.

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