Crimes in Public Places Increase as Eid al-Fitr Holiday Nears

Shifting Bag in Airport

From Detik News:

Beware of the New Crime Method “Shifting Bag” During Eid al-Fitr!

Various crimes are increasingly observed nearing the Idul Fitri [Eid al-Fitr] celebration. Citizens need to be aware of those crime methods to avoid becoming the latest victims. A new crime method to be aware of is called “shifting bag”.

“We urge people, especially those who are shopping for the Idul Fitri celebration to be extra careful. Do not place your belongings at unsafe places where others are able to slowly shift your bag or suitcase,” said Rikwanto, Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, to other reporters in Jakarta.

Rikwanto said that the ‘shifting bag’ phenomenon usually occur in shopping centers, train stations, bus terminals and airports before travelers’ departures.

Shifting Bag in Crowded Airport

“Inside malls or markets, many people often buy clothes in large quantities and place some of them unattended to the side. These ‘thieves’ will then slide the items slowly towards them,” Rikwanto explained.

‘The target of this crime is usually people who appear frazzled and not accompanied by friends or family. The perpetrators will approach their target by starting small conversations or pretending to walk in the same direction as their victims,’ he said.

Comments from Kaskus:


Why are the criminals in Indonesia always getting smarter?


This is what will happen if many people have difficulty finding legal jobs… =(


I experienced this ‘bag shifting’ at the Soekarno Hatta Airport. There was a guy who pretended to sleep while sitting next to me. I placed my bag under my legs since the place was crowded while chatting on my Blackberry Messenger. However, he grabbed my bag as soon as he woke up upon hearing his flight announcement. I panicked and started pulling my bag while he also resisted. In the end, I just punched him and he apologized for grabbing the wrong bag.


If I carry a bag filled with concrete, will they be able to shift it too? Haha…


I guess even thieves would like to celebrate Eid al-Fitr! Hahaha…


It’s better to bring a safe deposit box with you instead of a bag during travel since it’s harder to be shifted around… =)


Well, I don’t think the Indonesian police will bother to help. It’s just a waste of time to report this case to them.


At the supermarket, sometimes even our groceries get stolen while the cashier calculates our purchases.


I want to learn if I can “shift” my own fate…


I also experienced this crime yesterday. I lost my bag on a bus and there was a replacement bag beside my seat. The bag was filled with paper, pieces of cardboard and stone. However, luckily it wasn’t a huge loss for me since my original bag had a broken zipper and I got a better bag out of it! HAHAHA…


Always be aware of strangers who seem overly friendly towards you as they may end up stealing your stuff… =(


Just burn the perpetrator alive if he/she gets caught. The law in Indonesia is useless!


Smart in a negative way! =)

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