Pornographic Story In Elementrary School Textbook, Reactions

Indonesian Language Textbook with Porn Story Included

From Detik News:

Elementary Students Tasked to Find The Moral of A Porn Story From School Textbook

An Indonesian language textbook for elementary school children containing pornographic stories is already circulating at two [elementary] schools in Bogor. The schools are Police Elementary Public School and Mount Gede Elementary Public School. Upon reading, these students are asked to find the moral implications from this porn story.

In this textbook intended for sixth grade students published by CV Graphia Buana, there is a short story titled “Shepherd Boy and Wolf Parent” on pages 55-60.

Porn Story inside Indonesian Language Textbook

On page 57, the wolf parent suddenly transforms into a woman who works as a prostitute in the city due to her murky past. Some quotes in the story include: “… From the lowly place in this world, dimly lit stalls where she sold her body … His Adam’s apple was moving up and down from looking at her beauty. Then an event happened which finally took her virginity and led to the growth of a fetus in her stomach … “

Another quote from the story is, “I get so excited about my man. I’d love to fulfill all his desires. The man grinned widely. He handed her a drink which she completely finished in one gulp. Then they immersed themselves in hugs and kisses. “

In the assignment section, students are asked to summarize the story. In addition, students are also required to find the moral of the story and present it to the whole class.

This porn story outraged parents when they found out. “I was so shocked and could not believe that there is a pornographic story in the textbook. There are sentences which are inappropriate to be read by these kids. This book’s circulation must be stopped because it can damage the morals of these children,” claimed 46-year-old Azwar, the parent of a student at Gunung Gede Elementary Public School, in the Department of Education office at Bogor City.

Comments from Kaskus:


Is the textbook writer ‘mentally-challenged’?


The elementary school kids should say that the moral of the story is “playing with your genital is enjoyable, especially when it’s done on the 2nd floor”!!!


Moral of the story: Wear a condom!


I think the writer hopes that Indonesian kids will love to read more after reading this story! Hahaha…


The textbook writer must be a pedophile! GRRRR….


THANK GOD, I hope that the elementary school kids will be more proactive and ask more questions to their teachers now! HAHAHA…


I think this is the best sex education for them! Lol…


Geez, I feel horny after reading those lines. Hehe…


I’m worried since I have a daughter… =(


No wonder there are more rape cases these days!


No wonder many elementary school kids are already in relationships these days…
When we were younger as kids, we used to be told that pregnancy could happen just by holding hands. Haha.

Elementary Kids Kissing in the Park

Indonesian elementary students caught kissing in a park.


Why didn’t this book exist when I was still in elementary school? Geezz =(


Wow, I’m sure this textbook will become a bestseller soon! HAHAHA…


How come there are no pictures so the kids can understand the story better?


I think this book should be available as a coloring book as well. =)

What do you think?

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