Soap Opera Actress Criticized For Not Wearing Hijab In Daily Life

citra kirana not wearing hijab

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Citra Kirana Critized by Her Fans for Not Wearing Hijab

Despite successfully portraying the character ‘Rumanah’ in a soap opera named “Porridge Seller Did Hajj The Series (TBNH)”, there are some things that still bother the 19-year-old actress, Citra Kirana. Citra claimed that she is often criticized and questioned by her fans for not wearing Hijab in her daily life.

‘Many people are wondering, how come I always wear hijab in the soap opera but not in real life? There were people who scolded me with those words,’ said Citra during the soap opera filming in the Harjamukti region, Cimanggis, Depok, West Java.

citra kirana in soap opera

However, the artist (also known as Ciki) always takes the positive side of this criticism. Due to the soap opera’s popularity, in fact, she is more often called Rumanah than her real name in public.

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia and Kaskus:


Wearing Hijab might interfere with her work so maybe that’s why she doesn’t wear it…


I think only women who work at brothels do not wear Hijab!


Many prostitutes wear Hijab too… So what? Wearing Hijab doesn’t prove anything.

Apin [in reply to Med]:

Human intelligence has its limit but what about human stupidity?


As if you live in Paris… where wearing Hijab is not allowed! So crazy! =(


This world is getting worse indeed. It is now controlled by Zionism.


Eventually, the anti-Muslim sentiment in Indonesia will be worse than in the USA…

Panji Idolaku:

Geez, that’s why it’s called a soap opera.. Nothing is real, dumb ass!


She looks more beautiful without Hijab. Even better if she doesn’t wear anything at all actually! hehehe…

citra kirana with hijab for soap opera filming


Well… it’s up to her whether she wants to wear Hijab in her private life, right? Do you think she’s a puppet [to be controlled]?


Many Muslim women answered “they are not ready” when asked “why aren’t you wearing Hijab?”. That answer is so ridiculous… ready for what?


Wow… Please use some common sense. It’s already year 2013. Can’t you guys differentiate between acting and reality?


All of you guys have no life to debate on this topic, including myself! =)


The people who like this kind of soap opera usually have low IQ…

citra kirana not wearing hijab in daily life

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