Jokowi’s ‘Street Democracy’ Highlighted by Foreign Media

Jakarta talks with people who lives in slum area

From Detik News:

New York Times Highlights Jokowi’s Ventures Into the City’s Streets

Venturing into the city’s streets is common during the era of Governor Jokowi. In fact, he is more often seen in public than in his office. Therefore, it is not surprising that an internationally renowned media, The New York Times, has highlighted Jokowi’s venturing into the city’s streets with an article titled “A Governor at Home on the Streets”.

The New York Times puts the spotlight on Jokowi’s leadership style. Its article describes how Jokowi explores the slums, traditional markets and other places.

“The Indonesians are shocked to see their leader out of his office,” wrote The New York Times.

Jokowi visits slum area in jakarta and make dialog with people who live there

In the article, Jokowi also comments on his ventures into the city’s streets. According to Jokowi, he meets with people in public to represent street democracy.

“I explain my programs. They can also give me ideas about programs.” said Jokowi in the article.

Jokowi surveys wet market in Jakarta to check the price

The New York Times also paints Jokowi as a positive figure who does not use his position to enrich himself. Jokowi is complimented as a clean politician who has successfully cleared up the Tanah Abang and Pluit Reservoir.

This U.S. media also refers to Jokowi as “a man of the people”. Jokowi is currently the strongest candidate to replace current President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2014. However, his candidacy is still awaiting the decision of PDIP party chairman, Megawati.

Jokowi’s Interview with ABC Radio:

Comments from Kaskus:


Hopefully, he can become the leader of Indonesia one day.


Don’t keep praising him, otherwise he might not meet our high expectations.


Please don’t participate in the 2014 presidential election. He should fix Jakarta first and then be a candidate for the 2019 presidential election to fix our beloved country.

dedymartanto (replying to verit):

Indonesia will be much worse if we wait until 2019…


Hopefully Jokowi can transform Jakarta into a clean city with no traffic and flooding, like Singapore.

van boteng:

Wow, this guy is famous even in New York!


Jokowi is indeed different! As someone who lives in Jakarta, I can already notice the differences.


Keep going, Mr. JokoWOW! Be the no. 1 leader in Indonesia and get rid of all the damn corruptors [the corrupt]…


I have never participated in an election even though I’m already 30 years old… However, I’ll participate for sure if Jokowi is one of the presidential candidates! =)


Even foreign countries acknowledge and hope for a leader with the same characteristics as Jokowi!


Even our neighboring countries are jealous too! =))


I think his style of venturing onto the streets will soon be followed by other countries’ leaders… =)

What do you think?

Jokowi in Flooding Area in Jakarta

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