Jakarta’s Governor Opts To Fly Economy Class When Traveling

Jokowi Taking Garuda Airline Economy Class

From Merdeka:

Jokowi: I Always Fly Economy Class

The Governor of Jakarta, Jokowi, has admitted that he always takes economy class when flying. Jokowi has confessed he couldn’t afford to purchase a business class ticket.

“From the beginning, I’ve always flown in economy class. It has become my habit to fly in economy class” said Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall.

Jokowi in Garuda Airline Economy Class

Jokowi admitted that he used to fly in business class before he became [Solo] city mayor. After becoming the number one person in Solo city, Jokowi used business class travel less frequently.

“I usually use my own money when I want to go on a personal trip. I always take economy class even for business trips since I’m using the public’s money. I used to always fly business class before I became [Solo] city mayor, but now I prefer to fly in economy class more,” he explained.

Jokowi Flying with Garuda Airline Economy Class

“I’ve been flying [in economy class] for around 8-9 years now. The flight usually only takes 1, 2, 3 hours, so why bother [flying business class]?” he said.

Comments from Kaskus:


What a good role model as a leader. I hope he will be a good leader for Jakarta and eventually for Indonesia in the future.


It’s about time for him to be nominated as a president candidate for the 2014 election. Please don’t let the president position be filled by people who are power-hungry, materialistic and womanizers!


That’s so cool… It’s rare to find a public official who is willing to wait in line for plane boarding in economy class! =)


What a cool leader… It’s too bad that there are always people who dislike or are jealous of him!


I shed tears when reading this article…!


If only Jokowi can be cloned and then spread around to other cities/provinces, I’m sure Indonesia would progress forward!


He still chose to fly on Garuda Airlines [a high-end airline], even if it’s in economy class! Haha.


I’m sure other public officials would fly with their own private jets =(

Jokowi Greeting Garuda Airline Passengers


I vote for Jokowi – Ahok to be RI-1 and RI-2 [President and Vice-President]! =)


Well, I think it should be that way. You pay for for personal matters with your own money, but you are using public money for national affairs!


This person is very good at seeking the public’s sympathy =(


One thread mentioned that his total salary [as Jakarta’s Governor] is only less than 10 million rupiah [< US$ 1000] =(


He’s the Indonesian version of Obama!


I think it would be cooler if he takes economy class in the train :)


He’s a great role model for all other leaders!

What do you think?

Jokowi Taking Picture with Garuda Airline Flight Attendant

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