Metallica Guitar Given to Jakarta’s Governor Seized as Bribe

Jokowi and his signed bass guitar from Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

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KPK Confiscates Jokowi’s Bass Guitar Gift From Metallica

JAKARTA – A bass guitar gift from Metallica band member Robert Trujillo to the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), caused the latter to be called before the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for potential bribery of a public official.

Regarding this issue, Jokowi claims he has ordered his men to hand over the guitar to KPK. “This morning, I handed [the guitar] over to the KPK” said Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall, Monday (6/5/2013).

Furthermore, the former Mayor of Solo claimed that he would be perfectly fine if KPK decide to confiscate the signed bass guitar. “Oh well, at least I’ve held it,” he explained.

Jokowi's signed bass guitar from Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

“Giving back! To Jokowi. Keep playing that cool funky bass.”

However, Jakarta’s number one man still hopes his guitar gift won’t be classified as a form of bribery.

“I am happy that Trujillo gave me a guitar, and I don’t think it is a bribe but a keepsake. It is like giving a souvenir to someone from another country. However, I will comply with the law and I’ve handed it over,” he said.

The Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Basuki T. Purnama, who accompanied Jokowi, also spoke about it. “If the bass guitar is worth under Rp. 10 million, it is not considered a bribe”, said Ahok with a laugh.

Jokowi in his public official uniform.

Jokowi in his public official uniform.

Comments from OkeZone & Kaskus:

fansnya metallica

I’m sorry, KPK, please understand the difference between bribery and a souvenir given from a superstar to one of his fans like Mr. Jokowi. I also want that bass guitar so bad!

junkie smith

How can it be a bribe, KPK officers? It is normal for a fan to receive a souvenir from his idol.

kang putro mbarep

What’s wrong with giving a memento/keepsake? Is it also wrong to receive one? Does it become just suspect because it is free? TOO FUNNY!


I think the officer who expropriated that guitar also wants it. I’m sure he will take picture and make it his profile picture on his social media account or messenger when the item arrives in his office.


In the end, I’m sure KPK will give it back and hold a press conference. KPK only wishes to “borrow” the guitar to take pictures.


Mr. Jokowi, you can buy the replica.


Maybe KPK only wants to see what a bass guitar looks like.


Oh gosh, is that really regarded as bribery? It’s going to be dangerous if our law is too ambiguous. All public officers will not be allowed to receive ANYTHING!


Oh well, KPK kept on making excuses… Just admit that you just want to hold that bass guitar!


If that bass guitar is proven to be bribery, it should be given back to the state treasury. Unless KPK wants to form a new band named “KPK Band”.


Since KPK now has the bass guitar, just add 2 more guitars and a drum set and they can establish a new band called “MetalKPK”.


So weird! Maybe next time taking a dump should be reported to the KPK too.


Will Trujillo be called to appear before the KPK too?


If [Trujillo] wants to build a mall, do you think 1 guitar is enough to bribe an official?


This is so ridiculous. Keep [the bass guitar] safe!


It is hard to be a public official. They are not allowed to get any free stuff.

What do you think? Better safe than sorry or being overzealous?

Jokowi and an Indonesian rock band.

Jokowi and an Indonesian rock band.

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