Debtors Complain about Motorcycle Debt Collectors, Reactions

Debt Collectors in Action

From Berita Bekasi:

Police To Eliminate Debt Collectors in Bekasi

The local residents of Setia Mekar Street in South Tambun [Bekasi] have urged police to crack down on debt collectors thuggery/vigilantism. Numerous debt collectors conduct their operations in the area by trailing motorists who haven’t paid off their motorcycle loans.

These debt collectors’ actions are disturbing local residents. Sadiman (47), a local resident said that these debt collectors often intercept and chase motorcycles in Setia Mekar. In addition to endangering motorists’ safety, the debt collectors “chasing” [people] is precisely what engenders suspicion/distrust among the local residents.

“These debt collectors are brazen, taking motorcycles, intercepting, pursuing, leading to roadside altercations, attracting the attention of local residents. The debt collectors’ actions must be dealt with firmly by the police,” he yelled.

Debt Collectors in Police Custody

Sadiman said that many local residents have threatened to act harshly against the debt collectors who intercept and pursue local motorists. “If the police won’t act, then the local residents will use violence,’ he said.

Based on information on itself, more than five debt collectors have seized motorcycles owned by residents in Setia Mekar. Victims of having their motorcycles seized by these debt collectors will make file charges with the police.

Deb Collectors in Police Station

Comments from Kaskus:


I think it is fair… Who told them to owe money in the first place!


I want to live a quiet life without debt .. So don’t loand any money if you know you won’t be able to pay it back!


This is why you shouldn’t be envious of others when they buy a new motorcycle. You should always consider your own financial situation first rather than constantly comparing with other people.


Both sides are wrong…
People should not take credit if they can’t pay for it…
Debt collectors also shouldn’t arbitrarily seize things without being approved by the court…


I think we should have a new policy for buying motorcycles on credit. If you buy it on credit then you should put on a sticker stating “still on credit, 2 more months” or “still on credit, 5 more months”. You can only take it off after paying the entire debt. Haha.


I prefer to pay in cash rather than credit. It would be better if they buy motorcycles for business purposes other than for prestige.

In Indonesia, no one will pay attention to you if you don’t play rough as Indonesians only understand violence!


I was once a victim of those thugs… I paid for my motorcycle in full but they insisted that it was bought on credit. What the hell!
Luckily for me, I know a military officer near the area so I called him to scare off those thugs… These thugs should be eradicated by the police… but what can we expect since this is Indonesia!

Debt Collector Ousted by the Local Residents


I saw a similar incident last time. Two girls on a motorcycle were being blocked by some scary thugs. I wanted to help them since I thought these girls were being robbed or mugged. However, it turned out that these girls haven’t paid their motorcycle payments… LOL!


I talked to a guy who is a debt collector. Apparently, people in Indonesia often buy motorcycles on credit, but then disappear after 3 months…


Thugs and motorcycle gangs combined will become debt collectors on motorcycles!


It’s a known habit of Indonesians to buy things without considering their own financial situation… they are not self-conscious!


How to differentiate between the real debt collectors and the fake ones, boss? I’m afraid of the people seizing motorcycles are not debt collectors, but thieves!


So scary.. To have debt collectors seizing motorcycles in the middle of the road… I’m sure that the person must be so humiliated by that incident!

What do you think?

Debt Collectors Watching Over Motorists Around

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