Jakarta’s Vice Governor Shows Bank Account To Deny Corruption

Ahok Shows Passbook Bank Account

From Merdeka

Ahok’s Savings Account total balance is Rp 971,487,547 [~US$ 97,000]

Jakarta’s Vice Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) became upset when reporters repeatedly asked him about the claim made by the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA). Without hesitation, he showed his savings account book during his tenure [as Jakarta’s Vice Governor].

“This is my savings account passbook,” he declared at his office in Jakarta City Hall.

The former East Belitung regent then said the numbers quoted by FITRA are not based on any actual findings/discovery, but reading. This is because all the information can be seen on the official website made open to the public specifically by Ahok.

“Who is the first public official who dared to show his/her operating budgets? That’s me. All numbers are available on www.ahok.org,” he said.

Based on merdeka.com’s observations, Ahok’s savings passbook currently lists Rp 971,487,547 [US$97,000] as of December 3rd, 2013. “This is all the money I have since becoming the vice governor,” he concluded.

Ahok Passbook Page 1

Ahok Passbook Page 2

Ahok Passbook Page 3

Ahok Total Balance as of Dec 2013

Comments from Kaskus Kaskus and Yahoo Indonesia:


Oh please, that’s only one savings account, Ahok. Let us see your other bank accounts!


This is a challenge to other high-ranking public officials from the House of Representatives, Police Department, and Indonesian National Army. Do you guys dare show your bank accounts to the public like Ahok?


Why does it have to be a person of Chinese-descent who starts this anti-corruption movement?


I’m sure some haters will claim that Ahok has other secret bank accounts elsewhere! =(


I’m waiting for Mr. President SBY to publicly show his bank account balance too!


He’s obviously not corrupt if he only has that much money! It’s not even enough to buy a Toyota Alphard car. He can earn 10x more money than that by becoming a Director.


Even I have 3 bank accounts so it’s not possible that Ahok only has a single bank account!


I’m sure no one else will do the same thing!


There are about 100 important public officials in this country. If all of them were like [Ahok] then I’m sure INDONESIA will become an ASIAN TIGER! GUARANTEED!!


It’s normal for businessmen to have a billion rupiah [US$ 1 million]. One of my friends who works in the property business even has assets worth more than 100 billion rupiah [US$ 100 million].


Wow, I can eat my favorite BBQ duck every day if I have that much money. =)


Why doesn’t he show his deposits, fixed assets and other private bank accounts too? Haha, all of Indonesia is being fooled by Ahok!


I want to see FITRA’s bank accounts now!

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