Vaginal & Hymen Restoration Surgery Increasing in Surabaya

Virginity Surgical Procedure

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Pay 30 Millions Rupiah To Restore Virginity in Surabaya

Married women becoming virgins is no longer fiction.

Women even 50 years old can have female organs that are no are less tight than that of teenagers.

Of course, that condition will not be achieved naturally. Vaginoplasty surgery is becoming the key to unlocking the return of youthfulness for the female reproductive organ, commonly called the vagina.

You don’t even need to travel overseas to perform vaginoplasty (vaginal surgery) anymore. A number of hospitals in Surabaya have been serving these lifestyle trends among women in this metropolis.

Simply check out the Surabaya Surgical Hospital (RSBS) on Manyar Street and Lombok Two-Two Hospital at both Flores 12 Street and Lontar Street. This service is also available in Ultimo Clinic at Rich Palace Commercial Complex.

Surgical Hospital in Surabaya

Surabaya Surgical Hospital

Over time, the interest from women who want to repair their intimate organ has been increasing. At Lombok Two-two Hospital, for example, there are female patients asking about this vaginoplasty surgery daily.

Hospitals at Flores 12 Street and Lontar Raya Street also opened their new vaginal surgical service two years ago. The demand is quite high and it continues to grow monthly. It ranges from patient consultations to actual surgeries.

Ultimo Clinic in Surabaya

Ultimo Clinic Surabaya

“The number of patients continue to increase. We only posted the sign accepting vagina repair service about two years ago,“ explained Chondik, the Marketing and Public Relations representative for Lombok Two-two Hospital.

According to Chondik, not all patients who request surgery will be accepted by the hospitals. It is very selective. On average, only two vagina repair surgeries are performed each month.

This figure is already filtered based on a variety of patient complaints. Only patients who have legitimate medical reasons are accepted. “If they qualify then we’ll perform surgery on them. But if they’re not qualified then we’ll reject them after consultation,” he added.

At the Surabaya Surgical Hospital on Manyar Street, enthusiasts for virginity restoration services and hymen repair (hymenoplasty) are also increasing. In this hospital, a patient can customize a package based on their individual financial situation.

The cheapest package belongs is the Class III, which costs approximately 12 million rupiah [US$ 1,200]. The most expensive is the Very Very Important Person (VVIP) Class which costs up to 30 million rupiah [US$ 3,000]. These prices include overnight stay at the hospital.

The price is more expensive for patients who wish to have an express package and go home directly after the surgery. The difference costs around 5 million rupiah [US$ 500] more than patients who stay overnight.

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia, Kaskus (1 and 2):


Ladies, please take good care of your virginity instead of giving it away to perverts for free…

Exho dan Si Otak (in reply to Fuji):

Such materialistic girls!

Alone (in reply to Fuji):

This service is for husbands who have already invested tons of money on their women.

Yahoo User:

It’s useless to pay tons of money for this surgery since it’ll get broken again anyway. Let it be gone and free like the highway! =)

Boy Kembali:

Both the patients and doctors can go to hell together! Only perverts will enjoy that particular moment. Haha.

Aniez Kurniawan:

Virginity is priceless so a woman should really take great care of it for her husband after marriage… Haha.

Kapten Mabok (in reply to Aniez):

LOL… Don’t be too picky otherwise you’ll become an old maid. Haha…


I’m sure all the commentators on this article must be guys =)


Why do guys go after virgin women if they aren’t even virgins themselves?


Do they have a virginity surgery for guys too?

Mendoan N Bongkrek:



The most important thing isn’t whether she’s still a virgin or not. A good marriage life is more important..


You should register for a Halal certificate after doing that surgery!


Virgins are almost extinct! =(

What do you think? Should such a medical practice be encouraged in society?

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