Indonesian TV Station Sued For Plagiarizing Korean Drama


From Yahoo Indonesia:

RCTI Gets Lawsuit for Plagiarizing Popular Korean Drama

A South Korean television station, SBS, reportedly plans to file a lawsuit against RCTI [an Indonesian TV station] on charges of plagiarism. This is because because TV drama Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang is considered 100 percent plagiarized from a popular Korean drama Man from the Stars which aired on SBS.

“The drama was not approved by us. It can be considered a plagiarized version of our drama,” said an SBS representative as reported on Soompi Wednesday, 30 April 2014.

The soap opera Kau Yang Berasal Dari Bintang stars Nikita Willy and Morgan, former member of the boyband SM*SH. has been under fire for its striking similarities to the SBS drama Man from the Stars.” Soompi writes that the setting and story for Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang is nearly identical to the Man from the Stars. The first episode aired on RCTI on 28 April 2014.

“We are currently in talks with another Indonesian company regarding the official publishing rights, but this drama has begun airing. We are looking for a way to take action against the drama,” SBS continued.

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia, Soompi, Kaskus (1 and 2):


Aren’t you shameless, RCTI?


They even copied and pasted the drama title! Lol…


I feel so sorry for the Indonesian movie industry!


To all Indonesians, stop commenting bad things about your own country. Grow up, as your bad comments will only shame our country further. All these comments will be read by people worldwide.


At SCTV [another Indonesian TV station], they also copied the Twilight Saga with Ganteng Ganteng Serigala!



Wow… even its title is a direct translation. Hahaha.


Why didn’t they copy The Game of Thrones or The Walking dead? Must be because they don’t have the budget for it. That’s why they copy drams [soap operas] since they’re way cheaper =)


It’s getting worse, they even plagiarize TV dramas now. =(


They should have copied a better drama instead of this garbage. =(


Most Indonesians who are in this forum are STUPID AND IDIOTIC. They say bad things about themselves and their own country in an international forum. You guys should know that a PLASTIC SURGERY COUNTRY called South Korea also plagiarizes their dramas and music from Japan and USA.


They have embarrassed the entire nation!


At last, someone will get sued after years of plagiarism!


Don’t they have any other ideas? Why would they copy another TV series? =(


The original drama is so cool yet the copycat version is like SHIT!


This is what will happen when people want to earn easy money!

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    /facepalm @ all the people defending their country from shaming comments.

    • Spicy Sambal

      Agreed. They are ignorant to the fact that rcti DID shamelessly plagiarize. Instead they just turn a blind eye and insult others who merely stating the obvious truth.

      • bang2tang

        Is it nationalism or fascism ??? www

        • Chrissy

          I apologize for them though, some of us here might be red neck for no factual reasons. I’m Indonesian and i also think this is unfair and wrong. Also, RCTI didn’t even plagiarized it in a good way, the drama was played by cheesy characters with nonsense story background. Stop the damn movie already!!!

  • the lead actress looks like she has been tortured in Hong Kong

  • FYIADragoon

    Damn son. At least plagiarize with skill.

  • P.O. Box.

    If they’re going to plagerize, at least don’t make it so obvious. They copied the entire thing 100% exactly, except for the actors and the language. If they want to copy, they need to copy with better skill.

  • 56

    Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang’s ratings fell after the accusations of plagiarism went public.

    I think “Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala’s” approximate English translation is “Handsome Wolves.”(no vampires included)

    And back to topic, SinemaArt (the producer of Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang) and RCTI admitted that the sinetron contains lots of similarities from Man From The Star, but claimed that the sinetron’s title and story will be CHANGED (in no time)!

    The posters for Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang look like these are easily done by a Photoshop amateur…

    Accusations of plagiarism are very rampant in Indonesia, ranging from TV shows (fiction or not), films, and EVEN MUSIC GROUPS AND VIDEOS!

    • bang2tang

      How about handsome but wolves??? ganteng2 kok serigala, wakakak

  • bang2tang

    SinemArt, lol

    Netizenbuzz & Allkpop’s article comment’s section reaching more than 1K comments.
    KYBDB aired for only 3 episodes :D

  • One for all

    err…anyone see the irony in this?

    • Chrissy

      Nope, just our movie productions (again) being another group of idiots. I work within creative business and we all hate any kinds of plagiarizing. If you want to copy, do it right! And, please stop embarrassing our country. What a load of cr*p. –Sorry venting on you though.

      • Boris

        I guess you missed the point of the original comment…

  • UserID01

    What kind of drama show is this? I mean, if it’s your average generic kind of love triangle, evil twin, thought to be dead but not actually dead, interrupted wedding, mystery baby, cheating husband drama, why did it even need to be plagiarized? The plot lines are so generic that you could probably put the ideas on a wheel, spin them around, pick out three and have a whole series around it.

    • bang2tang

      perfect alien (since we’re already have good looking vampire & werewolf) who succeed to make any girl’s heart flutter.

      • UserID01

        There’s a TV show kinda like this in the USA. “Starcrossed.” Aliens on Earth, trying to integrate into Earthling life. Some of the aliens are really hot and date humans.

        • bang2tang

          lol, all asian tv show seems to be inspired from US tv show, lolol. Btw teenage alien seems to be selling better than adult alien….

  • YellowDeath

    Why are all Asians so creatively and morally bankrupt?

    • bang2tang

      product of dictatorship???

    • Warren Lauzon

      Dumb comment, this was stolen from South Korea – and if you have not noticed South Korea is part of Asia.

  • CellarDoor

    curious, and i have no idea where i would be able to view this indonesian version online, but when they said the settings were the same, did they mean it was filmed in south korea? because that would be so darn funny

  • Moniisek

    this is coming from korea??!! LOLOLOL

  • denadeni

    not unusual when Indonesia was plagiarism . embarrassing but whatever happens I still love the original Indonesian without plastic surgery

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  • Oh my god!

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