K-Pop’s Popularity in Indonesia, Indonesian Netizen Backlash

SM*SH Boy Band

SM*SH Boy Band

From Ceritamu:

K-Pop Fever Engulfs Indonesia

A number of Korean films have recently begun to dominate television airtime and received good response from the Indonesian public, especially teenagers. Having good-looking actors is a factor why many Korean films caught the public’s interest.

Korea is a country that can be closely associated with boy bands and girl groups, similar to Indonesia. Currently the number of boy bands and girl groups has been steadily rising. It started with the SM*SH boy band that successfully hit this country’s music industry. After the success of this boy band comprised of Bisma et al., other boy bands trying to emulate their success started to appear.

7icons Girl Band

7icons Girl Band

The same also applies to girl groups. It began with 7icons, comprised of 7 pretty girls, whose popularity suddenly skyrocketed thanks to their song titled “Playboy”. Just like their boy band counterpart, plenty of girl groups began appearing trying to repeat the success of 7icons afterwards.

Super Junior Boy Band

Super Junior Boy Band

K-Pop fever can also be seen from the enthusiasm of many Indonesians toward the concert of Super Junior, a boy band originating from South Korea. Super Junior, more commonly known as Suju, managed to make teenagers and Indonesian ELF [‘a fan base for super devoted fans of Super Junior’] spin out of control. In order to watch the Suju concert, many fans were willing to do anything such as selling their cell phones, staying overnight by the ticket booth and many ELF girls lining up to buy tickets even passed out.

Who knows if Indonesia is only jumping on the bandwagon or there really is a new trend, but until then, it is currently very popular and loved by many Indonesians.

Indonesian Girl Band: G String

Indonesian Girl Band: G String

Indonesian Boy Band: Super 9 Boyz

Indonesian Boy Band: Super 9 Boyz

Comments from Kaskus: GPO2A:

K-POP again
One can’t count on good-looks all the time to earn money
[If one wants to sell something,] sell talent and voice


Felt sad because often got tusbol

Tired of being ashamed of being Roy Suryo (a celebrity and self-proclaimed expert in information, multimedia, and telematics technology whose expertise is often doubted) all the time

Not that I did not ever go to Taman Lawang (a prostitution area in Jakarta for transvestites)

Not that I did not care about Olga Syekhputri (mocking Olga SYAHPUTRA who is an Indonesian actor, comedian, and host who often plays as a transvestite but denies being a homosexual)


My ass will never ever get stretched again fucking all along
Fucking all along

Never will I be in Dolly again, my friend

There is a sissy at home

I can live 2 lifetimes

At first I did not expect to get jabbed from you

I finally [become a] Maho together

My ass will never ever get stretched again fucking all day long
My dick will never be seen again fucking all night long

I do not care of being sodomized ** SENSOR ** I will buy you
I will wash your BOOL with ‘ETERNAL Tusbol’
Never will I get embarrassed just ‘cause I often sodomize YOU

I made it into my motivation to becoming a sissy

Lets Fuck all day long …. lets fuck all day long
Lets fuck all night long …. lets fuck all night long

Sodomy So Well

Why my dick feels giddy every time I see boobs

Why my mind thinks about perverted things every time I’m near you

Why I get a boner every time you’re staring at me

I am always embarrassed every time you take your clothes off

Why I’m speechless every time you give me a blow job
[You] Always miss my ass every time you touch me
Why my ass hurts each time you sodomize me
Always get a boner I am each time you whisper in my ear saying you love me

Sodomize me so well
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…
Sodomize me so well…
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…

Do you know the first time we made love
My heart said there was something different about your ass

Do you know ever since we often tusbol together
Every hour, every minute, every second I just want us to be alone

Do you know, I’ll never forget
When you say our dicks are of the same size
Never did I expect that

I’m so happy, I feel like embracing the whole world

You let me tusbol together ..

Sodomize me so well
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…
Sodomize me so well…
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…

When I feel your tusbol that made me misbehaved
You know you me so well, sodomize me so well
You sodomize me boy, I sodomize You Back

Boy I need U
Boy I love U

Boy I heart U baby (2x)

Sodomize me so well
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…
Sodomize me so well…
Boys I need You…
Please let it in
Very slowly…


Each generation has its own stupidity …
There was the western boyband era (Westlife et al)

There was AFI era

Good-looking male singers with good voice era (Groban, Meyer, Mraz)

Malayu/Malay era post peter pan
KPOP era

And on each generation there must always be an ababil as the victim of that stupidity…

GBPJPYr: (responding to moyyo32)

So are you saying that this stupidity is normal?
We’re not doing anything?
Even my younger sibling became an alay, his mind is becoming a bit retarded because he often watches Korean drama

gakbisatidur: (responding to GBPJPYr)

[Knowing that,] you’re not doing anything?

Cirque: (responding to GBPJPYr)

You as the older brother should watch over her and scold her. Don’t just come crying over here [in this forum]


Actually it depends on the mentality of the society anyway.
It is so saddening, however, that our entertainment industry is also latah.
A singer with only adequate voice can create a band and [successfully] popularize lipsync.
Another very severe example is also their plagiarism.
Below is one example of their plagiarism:



It is South Korea’s soft power. There have been many studies about that.
Is it wrong to be a fan of ‘Hallyu‘? Nope. We should be just like the government of South Korea, take advantage of it.
Eat this ass [below]:


I have more respect to those who perform alone (vocalist) …
Better than those group while showing off their thighs , aren’t they embarrassed??….
If it’s a male group, then I’ll pass


In my time, it was Telenovela (Mexican TV soap opera)
Maria Mercedes auuuuuuuuuuuu

NoShade.: (responding to Earth.Index)

I want just one to sit on my lap…. don’t need to have everyone … I’m not that competent


That’s right. K-POP virus is taking Indonesia off guard. Hence, we got robbed again hahaha, those congressmen and the cultural analysts are watching porn all the time hahaha!


I am sick of K-Pop

Rz.alamsyah: (responding to GPO2A)

Boss … is this a song..???
What’s the title and can you give me the link? I want to suck it up, boss..
I love this kind of song…


I really like Korean shows …
They are entertaining and funny…
But still I in my heart …


Regarding showing off thighs, Indo has been imitating K-Pop already, boss


Unbelieable …
From the beginning I’ve never ever liked watching pretty boys.
I feel like Maho watching them.
When are Indonesians going to be proud of their nation?


Because of Korea, kids are acting like those Koreans. They forgot where they were born at, boss. I am sad, boss.


I hope this thread becomes a Hot Topic…the discussion content is really good..
It’s sad knowing that during the badminton competition event last time, there was an Indonesian watching it live and was interviewed but he was cheering for Korea because they [the Korean players] were handsome

vHyRani: responding to RyuKnightly

I’m sorry, boss, but this is from Japan, not Korea
The SPEED group already admitted that indeed they copied it ..
That’s why we rarely hear about them anymore ..


Just relax.

It will go away as time passes by.
It will go away on its own.

That’s the cycle of life


This is unbelievable, boss. We are indirectly occupied


The government of South Korea are really serious and they want to make K-Pop into a public diplomacy instrument. One of the goal is to influence unstable teenagers to identify South Korea as their culture.

I don’t understand kids these days. What are they looking for from these South Korean people who had plastic surgery anyway? Is there any good to culture that like to judge people from their appearance?


This is really really saddening. Got pissed off just from hearing that their K-Pop idol got insulted but we couldn’t care less when Tor Tor dance was claimed by our neighbouring country…


Here. Mocca

If only Korean kids are introduced to Mocca since childhood

Why didn’t Indonesians support Mocca?

It’s simple. Her song isn’t even in Bahasa Indonesia. What about K-Pop? Clearly they’re imitating Japan but their government supports them.

This is how Indonesians are being stupid. They think their culture is everything and needs total support when it is going public but when there are some ‘uncertain’ artists like Mocca then it’s up to them what they want to do.

Please keep in mind that the music industry can generate foreign income too. Just imagine the hundreds of billions that we can earn if there is only 1 popular Indonesian band in South Korea

ventus.feroxxx: (responding to GPO2A)

Wow this song is so awesome, boss.
It is true that most boybands are Maho.
Sooner or later the girlbands will become lesbians.
Our country’s future generations are done for.




These things are just seasonal. When people are bored, they will disappear on their own. Just like the booming of Tao Ming Se some time ago.


KARA successfully embeds South Korea’s soft power in Japan.
J-Pop went to Korea and it became K-Pop, and then it went back to Japan again.
Now it’s up to Indonesia. Want to copy Korea and export it back to Korea?
And it’s not necessary for our bands to have plastic surgery. They have big eyes already….

Anpes: (responding to wiry)

So when you’re watching porn, is it the appearance or the heart of the porn star that you’re looking at? Is your culture like that?

What do you think about K-Pop? Are you a fan of K-Pop?

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