Teachers and Principals Stole and Leaked National Exam Paper

Police catches leaked national exam paper

From Jawa Pos:

70 High School Principals and Teachers Conspire to Steal National Exam

The government’s persistent claims that the National Exam (UNAS) for high school will not leak have finally been proven wrong. Based on information from suspects who have been arrested and questioned by police, it is known that the answer key for the national high school exam has been leaked and circulated everywhere.

The national exam has became public because it was stolen. The theft involved about 70 school principals and teachers who worked in an organized manner. All of them are principals and teachers in public and private high schools from Lamongan.

National exam scripts being printed

“The answer key is not official. It did not originate from the central office. However, it is the answers a group of teachers in Lamongan compiled on their own after they stole the exam questions, “ said Surabaya Head Police Setija Junianta.

Did the teachers actually steal it? Setija confirms that it is the reality. “This theft was done by tricking police officers who escorted the exam questions during its journey to the police station,’ he explained.

Police escorts national exam paper distribution

Prior to the National Exam, the exam questions are stored in regional police stations at each district/city. The exam is then distributed to local police stations two days before the actual exam. The same distribution process also applies in Lamongan. On Saturday, the exam questions were distributed from the regional police station to local police stations throughout Lamongan.

The general distribution is typically done using principals or teachers’ cars. Each car will be escorted by a police officer. In addition, there are three to five teachers who usually escort it. Those questions were stolen on the way to the police station. The teachers who participated in the escort invited the police to have lunch at a local restaurant. The police didn’t suspect anything because the perpetrators were teachers. “During the meal, a teacher managed to take a number of the exam envelopes,” said Setija. An envelope contains about 20 types of exam manuscripts.

National exam in high school

Comments from Kaskus:


This is great… Even teachers can be perpetrators… Indonesia really is a corrupt country!


The answer key has always been made available since my time in elementary school =(!


Will the government still rely on National Exam results after this incident?!


Damn it, why didn’t I get the answer key? Hahaha!


Teachers lecture us to not steal, yet they do it anyway. =(!


It was so well-planned, creatively using lunch as a distraction!!


Teachers also need money, eh! =)!


How stupid is this country!!


This cool incident should be made into a movie! =)!


This heist was so organized. Actually, Indonesians are very creative!!


ELIMINATE THE NATIONAL EXAM! It’s useless if the execution is like this!!


If this incident happens every year then when will our young generations become smart?!


Indonesia’s culture of cheating/plagiarism is very hard to eliminate!!


If the teachers are thieves then their students will at least become robbers!!

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  • bang2tang

    They are proud if the number of graduate students from their school reaching 100% (although they obtained it by cheating). Grade worshiper…

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Because they were able to find some missing papers within days, where as the malays can’t find a friggin jumbo jet.

    • Oda Sekar Ayu

      How can missing papers be conpared to jumbo jet that had been burried deep down the sea?

      Though it’s friggin funny

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I feel bad for laughing ._.

    • bang2tang

      I don’t find it’s right to use missing plan for trolling, my bad…

  • bujiebuke

    This is not a rhetorical question. Can a moderator or editor explain to my why Chinasmack came out with indoBOOM first over another southeastern asian country like, “thaiCOCK”, “malayCRACK”, “vietPOW”, or “camboFIZ”? Is news from Indonesia more popular in China over other southeastern asian countries?

    • bang2tang

      largest population on SEA?

      • bujiebuke

        Did not know that. I would have guessed Malaysia.

        • bang2tang


          • bujiebuke

            lol. I just looked it up and I was off by like a factor of 10. Shows you how much I know about SEA.

  • vonskippy

    So is this site dead or what? 2 months and counting without a new story?

    • I’ve been wanting to say this for the past 1.5 months. I guess they figured the articles just weren’t generating enough traffic. After all, the most recent article on chinaSMACK, published in the last 24 hours, has more comments than the last four months’ six indoBOOM articles combined.

      Or, perhaps nothing newsworthy has happened in the world’s third-most populous country for the past 2 months.

  • Guest

    Why don’t they just print the exam on site?

    Have the exam stored on the computer in a way where the order of the question can be scrambled – even excel can do this – this should throw the cheaters off.

    Or make 15 questions in a category that only requires 5 questions, and have a computer randomly pick five on the dawn of the test day, and then print the papers. If they get machines and print it like newspaper, a large sheet to be folded, then it doesn’t have to be assembled and stapled much?

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