Former Minister Andi Mallarangeng Arrested by KPK, Reactions

Former Indnoesian Minister of Youth and Sports Andi Menyatakan arriving at the KPK anti-corruption offices.

From > Indonesia:

KPK Arrests Former Minister Andi Mallarangeng

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has finally arrested former Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, Andi Alfian Mallarangeng. Andi was taken into custody after being questioned, Thursday (17/10/2013).

Andi was interrogated as a suspect in the alleged corruption case regarding the procurement of sports equipment and infrastructure in Hambalang [sports complex project].

Andi arrived at the office of KPK, Jakarta, at approximately 10:05am. Accompanied by several colleagues – including former Chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), Ifdhal Kasim – Andi was seen walking from the gate to the KPK lobby. This mustached man made time to give a statement to the press.

“Today I was called in as a suspect to continue the hearing from last week and, every time I have been summoned by the KPK, I always arrive on time,” said Andi.

Andi, who was wearing a long-sleeved batik shirt, claims that he wants the legal issues surrounding him to be resolved quickly.

“[It’s] Because I want this issue to be over soon, resolved quickly. I am sure that I am not guilty,” he said.

Andi went on to express his readiness to follow any provision of KPK, including if KPK decides to take him into custody directly after the questioning today. He also did not deny that he has prepared a suitcase full of clothing in case KPK indeed arrests him.

“And I am ready to follow all the provisions and policies of KPK. That is why today I am ready, I have prepared my suitcase,” said Andi.

Comments from Indonesia:


Say no to DEMOCRAT haha….
Plenty evidence show that The DEMOCRATIC Party is full of CORRUPTORS!!


Andi Malarangeng…is prepared to sleep in a prison cell…
Will Anas Urbaningrum be prepared to be hanged from Monas [the National Monument]?…
Let’s wait and see….

[Note: Anas once made a declaration that he is willing to be hanged from Monas should he be proven guilty of corrupting even Rp.1 from Hambalang.]


Is he going to jail or going to a hotel? What’s with the suitcase???

Timothy Demas Mandita Putra:

We want all the corruptors in Indonesia (not just AM) TO BE HANGED!!!!


Bravo, KPK!
Before long, KPK’s detention centre could double as an office for the Democratic Party. Hehe.

Val Hs:

He’s become a suspect and can still laugh and smile…. He has no shame! He probably thinks he’s a celebrity now…ugh. Or it’s our law that’s too lenient so people can still laugh and smile. Maybe if we had the death penalty…maybe that would be more fitting….


Do you think his bag will get checked? It’s bound to have a flat-screen TV, laptop, cell phone, iPad, and other communication devices.


All these people around him are corrupt, and SBY [the president] has no clue? Even though he’s safe from the law for now, hopefully once he has fallen from his position KPK will have the power to expose everyone involved. Especially in the case of the Century Bank!

Wan Abud:

Hm…not bad [for Andi], several months of being a suspect and it’s only now that he gets arrested. He had enough time to save the money he stole……….
Next week it’s Anas Urban[ingrum]’s turn.


Welcome to your new home.


That’s what you get for being a servant of esbye [“SBY”, the current Indonesian president].


It’s ok to be thrown in jail, still got LOADS of money….


I bet in court he’ll only say “I don’t know, your honor” or “I don’t remember, your honor”!!

Oneway Way:

Hats off to Andi, a Bugis-Makassar knight. He didn’t say he was sick or pretend to look weak/ill as an excuse to bid for time or to make an escape. He’s prepared to take responsibility.

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