Poor Behavior By Arab Tourists in Bali, Indonesian Reactions

Arabs spend lots of money shopping in Indonesia

From Merdeka:

Arab Tourists Often Harass Waitresses in Bali

Three tourists from Saudi Arabia recently hit a taxi driver in Kuta, Bali after a disagreement over taxi fare. According to hotel employees, tourists from the Middle East often create problems in their area.

These tourists’ behavior make female hotel employees uncomfortable. They often tease female hotel housekeepers when they enter rooms for cleaning or delivery.

“If the female employee knows that her room’s guests are Arabs, they usually ask a male employee to accompany them. They are afraid. Arab tourists often want to hug or seduce them,” said Komang, a hotel security officer, when talking to merdeka.com.

Their behaviors inside the room also upset other guests. These actions range from playing loud music to screaming at the top of their lungs.

“They rarely listen when we inform them politely. They’re very arrogant, ” said Putu who works as a security guard.

According to Putu, Caucasian hotel guests are more well-mannered. They rarely create troubles unless they’re very drunk.

money changer in bali is busy with arab customers

“However, the Arabs make problems even when they’re not drunk,” he said.

Dewi, a fast-food restaurant waiter, is also annoyed with the behavior of Arab tourists. At one point, a tourist ordered some french fries and then tried to feed them to another waitress.

“He said ‘come on baby, come on baby’ while trying to shove the fries into the waitress’ mouth. He didn’t feel ashamed at all with his inappropriate behavior,” said Dewi.

Comments from Kaskus:


Oh my gosh, Arabs always have some attitude problems wherever they go… =(


Just go back to your shed, dumb camel. You are acting like an animal!


It’s hard to deal with barbaric people!


These Arabian camels must feel that they’re on top of the world for having tons of money. =(


No wonder prophets are usually sent over there. Most Arabians are immoral.


Don’t blame the Arabians too much as it is part of their traditions. The males feel arrogant and more superior when compared to women. The women have always been regarded as objects that they can use and ditch whenever they like.


We should be more understanding as they have large penises. Thus, they are unable to control their lusts!


Most of the Arab tourists in Indonesia are immoral. They usually look down on our people since they think that Indonesia is a country for maids! I don’t think they’d dare make trouble when they are in the United States or Japan.


That’s what happens when they’re only used to seeing girls in ninja costumes. Haha.


Arabians are usually horny…


These Arabian camels always make trouble here… We should chop them off to make kebab. Haha…


They pray every day yet act like animals! =(


“Come on baby…” That camel must have watched too much porn. LOL…

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