Indonesian Students Spray Paint Uniforms After National Exams

High School Students Celebrate Post National Exam

From Tribun News:

Spray Painting School Uniforms after National Exams

A number of high school students spray painted their school uniforms on the last day of the National Examination in Medan, North Sumatra. They expressed their excitement after completing the National Examination by spray painting each others’ school uniforms.

3 Girls Walking Home with Spray Painted Uniforms

Waving School Flag while Convoy on Street

Polices COnfuse with Students Post National Exam Celebration

Polices Standby on Street Sidewalk

Convoys with Friends after National Exam

A Student also Spray Paint the Wall

High School Students Celebrate Post National Exam

Spray Painting the Hair after National Exam

Colorful Spray Painting the Uniforms

Feeling So Happy after National Exam

Friends Help Each Other to Spray Paint the Uniforms

Motorcycle Convoys on the Street

Police Catches High School Students for No Helmet Violation

Hundreds of Students Celebrate on Motorcycle Convoy

Post National Exam Celebration

Spray Paint with Fire

Students Signing Each Other Uniform to Celebrate

Comments from Kaskus:


Gosh, they haven’t even found out if they passed the examination and they’ve already destroyed their uniforms!


That’s great! Keep up the good work, young people =)


What’s the use of spray painting each other like that? =(


Hopefully the person who has the most spray paint won’t graduate! =)


If you walk in a big group with such uniforms then you’ll look cool. However, you will look like a nutcase if you walk alone. LOL…


What if they don’t graduate after that, would they still be happy? Hmmm…


Did they ever consider what would happen if they don’t graduate? Are they going to buy another uniform? Haha….


What are the chances that some of these school girls will lose their virginity after the national exam? =)


Even the policemen looked confused. HAHAHA…


If they don’t graduate then I’m sure their expressions will match their colorful uniforms. LOL…


So cheesy. They call themselves educated people but their actions are so juvenile. Embarrassing!


They are celebrating their failures in the national exam. HAHAHAHA.


They will hang themselves after spray painting the uniforms [if they fail] =)


Unbelievable. Their parents spent their hard-earned money to buy those uniforms.. =(


Gosh, they also spray painted their hair. They will regret it later when showering at night… The next day, I’m sure that they will shave their heads bald! Haha.

What do you think? How did you celebrate after a major examination or your last day of school?

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