Indonesian Football Player Sucker Punches Referee From Behind

The referee was sucker punch from behind

From Tempo:

Persiwa Wamena Player Hits Soccer Referee

The Indonesian Super League match with Pelita Bandung Raya versus Persiwa Wamena was in chaos last Sunday evening. Persiwa’s senior player Pietr Rumaropen hit the match referee named Muhaimin. Trouble began after the match reached around 80 minutes. Muhaimin awarded a penalty to Pelita Bandung because the Persiwa’s captain OK John had tackled a Pelita Bandung’s defender Nova Arianto in the goal area. This sanction triggered protests from the Persiwa players, also nicknamed the Highlander.

While the Persiwa players were bickering with Muhaimin, Pietr Rumaropen approached the scene. After arriving at the location, this player who wore number 10 jersey unleashed a raw punch directly to Muhaimin’s face. Rumaropen’s action invited tons of protests and riots. The referee who bled out after the incident was quickly secured to the edge of the field. The match had to be momentarily stopped as Muhaimin had to be rushed to a hospital. In the end, Pelita won the match 2-1 over Persiwa.

Comments from YouTube:


Mortal Kombat FC [Football Club]


The league of animals!

Ahmad Hidayat:

This looks like an unintended punch to me. :p


To the Minister of Sports, please train Peter Rumaropen to become a boxing athlete instead. It looks like he has the promising potential to become Chris John’s [WBA Champion] apprentice in the world of boxing.

Mirakuru Scarlet:

This is a normal situation in Indonesia.

Generson Bryanheart:

This news has already gone out overseas and tweeted everywhere … Indonesia’s football/soccer reputation is getting worse… =(

Referee Shirt is Red from Blood

Bay tristan:

Now, that’s what I call a MAN. His actions are appropriate!

Anjing Nakal:

He has to be banned for life… What a redneck from the mountainside… How can you improve by doing that?

Jhon alberto:

All you guys are dumb since the referee also apparently cheated! Serves you right, all Indonesians! Now I understand why you guys have never competed at the World Cup level!

Yuzmar Bernard:

Do you think Malaysians are better? They are still importing shits from Indonesia!

Bobi bibo:

Pieter Rumaropen, you are really a disgrace to all Papuans!

George Ronney:

Indonesia is a corrupt country. That referee was obviously bribed and now his money will be spent on his medical treatment… [I’m] SATISFIED!

Jhon alberto:

What a dumbass referee as we can see his shady actions throughout the match…

David Saad:

This is the best league in the world… in terms of its martial arts. Haha.


OMG.. The referee was KO-ed!

The player, Pieter Rumaropen, has reportedly just been banned for life by Indonesia’s football authorities, the first such ban since 2008.

Pieter-Rumaropen Running to Protest the Referee

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