Americans Taste Durian For The First Time, Indonesian Reactions

Bule Eats Durian First Time Ever

From YouTube:

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Join in on the celebration! August 17th is Indonesia’s Independence day. To celebrate, we took to the streets of Memphis, Tennessee to test people’s knowledge of the world’s fourth most populous country, and to try one of the region’s most infamous delicacies: the durian.

Comments from Kaskus (1 and 2):


One person said that it tasted like a rotten mango. Haha…


Haha… The bule was willing to say “AKU MAU EE [I want to take a dump]”


Proud to be Indonesian!


If even bule love Indonesia then how come Indonesians don’t love their own country?


How come so many people don’t know where Indonesia is. =(


The taste buds of bule are so different from Indonesians. LOL…


Apparently bule love to take dumps. haha…


So is durian not well known over there? Seems like most of them ate it for the first time ever.


Some said that it tasted like banana mixed with rotten mango. =(


The video host is so cool! I think he has already travelled all around Indonesia so he created this video to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day.


Even foreigners can appreciate Indonesia =)


This is a great video to promote Indonesia worldwide!

It is so funny watching these foreigners tasting durians.

What do you think? Have you ever tasted durian before? What did it taste like to you at first? Yay or nay?

Kids Hate Durian Tasting

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