Foreigner Calls Bandung “The City of Pigs”, Indonesian Reactions

bandung the City Of pigs - Inna Savova

From Detik News:

Garbage Everywhere, Bandung is Called “The City of Pigs”

Flower City, Bandung Paris Van Java, and other nicknames for Bandung do not seem to matter anymore. A Bulgarian citizen and blogger, Inna Savova (21) [pictured below], who has settled in Bandung, has another nickname for Bandung city, “the city of pigs”.

She included that strong criticism in a post on her blog Inna has lived in Bandung for 3.5 years. She lived in the Setiabudi area for 6 months, Antapani area for 1.5 years, and 1.5 years in Ujungberung area.

Her blog suddenly created an uproar in the virtual world. Her post has been re-tweeted by many twitter users. Inna complains about Bandung being filled with garbage, and the filthy lifestyle of its citizens/residents

garbage in bandung city

In her blog, she said that none of the citizens think the dirtiness is caused by their own fault. “They say that they are forced to accept the dirty environment because of poverty. This argument can’t be accepted because even refugees in Somalia do not litter, so stop blaming on the poverty. This is not about poverty. This is because you guys are (lazy) like pigs,” she said.

From her post, Inna exposed the littering habits of Bandung city citizens. They range from littering, stealing trash cans and letting rats roam freely around the house.

garbage overflowed in bandung city

garbage along the street

bandung is city of pigs

From Kompas:


Various responses

Savova’s posting reaped a variety of responses reaching as many as 25,000. This figure is quite high for a blog post.

Some people strongly agree with Savova’s criticism. A few others agree but they also consider the writing too offensive, especially when referring to Bandung as “city of pigs”.

On Twitter, Savova’s writing was retweeted many times. Many users also mention Ridwan Kamil, the new mayor of Bandung city.

Garbage Everywhere in Bandung, from YouTube:

Comments from Kaskus:


If they dispose of garbage properly then they wouldn’t be called Indonesians.


Indonesians are dirty!


Even a foreigner is more concerned about this issue than the local natives!


I don’t think everyone behaves like that, but only the lower to middle class Indonesians. I think it’s because their ancestors are used to living in the deep jungle.


Can I ask why when Indonesians are visiting Singapore, they can dispose of garbage in the proper bin and line-up orderly? But after their return to Indonesia, they act however they like again. I think it’s because there is no strict law for people who litter.


I think garbage is everywhere in other Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Makassar, Medan and Surabaya.
It’s just a coincidence that this foreigner bitch lives in Bandung city!


The people who are offended must feel they are being compared to pigs. I wish they would start behaving like human beings instead of animals. Haha…


I’m sure that pigs would be happy to roam freely [in Bandung]. Haha…


Well, that’s the reality… If you don’t want to be called pigs then you shouldn’t behave like one. Don’t shit where you sleep!


I think this issue is caused by the people from the countryside who urbanized [moved] to the city.


Hmm, don’t let our Indonesians’ image be tarnished by a foreigner!


“Bandung is a city where some people think that pork is too filthy to be eaten, yet those people live in an environment dirtier than where pigs usually live.” [Original English text: “Bandung – the city where people think pig meat is too dirty to eat, yet they live in more filth than the animal itself.”]


Well, Indonesians always blame others when they’re in the wrong. hehehe…


I’m so sick of people who always litter. When will we have the law to shoot those who litter on the spot?

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  • UserID01

    The problem is twofold. I saw a dumpster or a garbage container, and it’s filled to capacity. Not only does the habit/laziness of pollution need to be broken, but waste REMOVAL needs to definitely be stepped up, too. Because if your municipal garbage bin is full, what am I to do with my garbage? Hold onto it until it piles up in my house? It just ends up collecting around the municipal garbage areas until it’s overflowing.

    Therefore, not only do people need to break their pollution habits (maybe put some plastic bottle recycling machines in? I guarantee the bottles will be properly disposed of if there’s money to come from it) and there needs to be more frequent garbage removal and disposal efforts from the city.

    • Mighty曹

      Make that threefold. City (or any gov’t) workers on all levels who are simply not doing their jobs further exacerbate by the public’s lack of concern.

  • Mighty曹

    Indonesia being predominantly muslim, using the word ‘pig’ may be too offensive, no?

    • UserID01

      I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that someone who’s known as a “blogger” and is taking “adorkable” photo shoots and relocating from Bulgaria to an Indonesian slum isn’t too concerned about being culturally sensitive.

      • Mighty曹

        I wonder why she moved there? It’s either for work or love.

        • UserID01

          You would hope it’s a love of the place. I mean, I love New Yok City but can still admit parts of this city stink like ass funk after the gym, especially in the summer. Still, I wouldn’t call it a “city of pigs.” It’s very narrow minded to blame it almost entirely on the citizens, like she seems to be doing.

          • Mighty曹

            Yup, every city has its stinking shit hole parts of town. I was quite offended when someone wrote of his visit to my hometown as “waking up on the public toilet floor that’s San Francisco”.

          • Miniluv101

            I want to say something about Bulgaria being the one of the (if not the) most polluted country in Europe but you know, ad hominem.

        • SAMUS

          she married an Indonesian, so i guess it was love

  • vonskippy

    Please stop insulting pigs. They’re smart, they’re clever, and when they have a choice, are very neat and clean. Unlike apparently these people.

  • satuon

    Lol I’m Bulgarian, didn’t expect to see one of my countrymen mentioned. What luck.Bulgaria strikes again :)

    • It’s only a matter of time before bulgariaBOOM becomes the next Internet sensation.

  • Ken Barloh

    The whole country is a shithole nothing is worse than Jakarta though, its a filthy cesspit the Ciliwung “river” is literally a floating sea of rubbish, Bali has also become a polluted dive full of dopey drunken cunt australians fucking dump country, Come to think of it tho, Bulgaria is ahithole too a former russian shithole – Great Shitholes think alike!

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