Car Rammed By Military Truck For Not Giving Way, Reactions

Military Truck Ram Civilian Car

Translation of the text in the above image:

Millia: On 22 Jan 2014 10AM at the Tomang Highway exit, our car was rammed from behind on purpose by a group of military personnel as they wanted to help the Jakarta flood victims. They said our car had blocked their way there. Then about ten people damaged the car, broke the rear-view mirror and car window, kicked the car repeatedly and threatened us with violence. They even said “You Chinese are just getting a free ride in our country”. Our car was totally damaged but thank God we’re okay and our stuff wasn’t grabbed by them. Hopefully, there were people who recorded this incident so people know their true nature. I’m so “shocked” and crying hard now. – with Bani

From Detik:

Witness’ Account of Incident Involving Avanza [Toyota] vs Military Truck at Tomang Highway Exit

An incident involving an Avanza and military trucks at the Tomang highway exit, West Jakarta is currently generating a lot of discussion on social network Path. A number of street vendors around the area apparently witnessed the incident.

According to Apong, a street vendor located near the Tomang highway exit, the incident between the Avanza and the military trucks occurred at 09.30 AM.

“At the time, there were 5 military trucks convoying toward the Tomang highway exit. One truck was able to pass the Avanza, but the other 4 couldn’t,” explained Apong.

The other trucks kept honking at the Avanza to give way. However, the Avanza didn’t give way despite having ample space to move aside.

“The Avanza still wouldn’t move aside despite being honked at several times. There should be enough space to move aside. Afterward, a military truck rammed the Avanza from behind twice,” explained Apong.

Ferry Bani Diego Victim Car

After the incident, the Avanza pulled over to the side of the road. The military truck also followed suit. “Some military personnel got off from their truck to kick the Avanza,” he said.

Apong doesn’t know which unit the military personnel were from. There were two people inside the car – a male and a female. The female passenger was crying.

This incident has been trending heavily on the social network Path since noon yesterday. The victim’s confession is widely circulated but its source has not been fully verified. The victim felt oppressed and treated unfairly when his car was vandalized. He also claimed that some inappropriate words were shouted during the incident.

Video of the damaged Avanza on Path, and the victim’s Twitter account.

Comments from Kaskus (1, 2 and 3):


Just burn [the car] already!


The car was sodomized! hahaha…


Why did they have to use violence in this new era? =(


Well, some people are too arrogant unless given hard violence. At that point, they’ll then cry a river.


Where is the proof that the military personnel were being RACIST there!!??
How come you guys are so easily duped by this ASSHOLE?
If this asshole feels discriminated against then he should report it to the Military Police instead of crying a river on social media and being such a pussy.


I’m Chinese but I still want to punch this person too.


Dumb Avanza. Did the driver think he’s in an F1 car race and thus didn’t want to get passed?


I agree. I want to shoot that driver. Public interests should precede personal interests.


I think he’s lucky those military guys only damaged his car. I’d break his body too if I were one of them.

Komandan gegana:

Well, no matter how stupid the citizen is, the military shouldn’t just damage personal property like that. The military is already trained to distinguish between enemy and friend. In this case, the civilian is a friend that the military should protect!


As far as I know, military personnel are usually very professional. They won’t sound the siren unless it’s an actual emergency situation.


I’d definitely punch this idiotic Avanza driver if I was nearby!


That person only drives an Avanza but is already acting so high and mighty. On the other hand, the military personnel only have corporal ranks but act like they are above the law. Our country named Indonesia is indeed a joke. =)

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