Indonesian Team Wins 3rd Place in Snow Sculpture Competition

Indonesia Team Finished 3rd Place in Sapporo Snow Festival

Shown in the picture (from left to right): Frans Sigar, Sapto Hudoyo, I Ketut Kaler, and I Nyoman Sungada, in front of their snow sculpture work, “Garuda”.

From Kompas:

Snow Sculpture Team from Indonesia Wins Third Place in China

An Indonesian team recently won third place at the 2013 Harbin International
Snow Sculpture Competition
. This year is the event’s 18th anniversary.

The event, which ran between 30 December 2012 to 4 January 2013 in Harbin, China, involved an international ice and snow sculpture competition. The participation of the Indonesian team, supported by the Yayasan Citra Budaya Nusantara [The Archipelago-wide Foundation of Visual Culture], is an annual activity for Indonesian ice and snow sculptors.

The team from Indonesia was comprised of Sapto Hudoyo from Le Grandeur Hotel, Mangga Dua [area in North Jakarta], I Nyoman Sungada and I Ketut Kaler from Bali, Frans Sigar from Manado as well as Agustono Gentari as leader of the group. 20 teams from 10 countries participated in this prestigious competition.

Snow sculpture by Indonesian contestants at the 2013 18th Annual Harbin Snow Sculpture Competition.

Each team consists of four sculptors. As stated in a press release received by, the mission of Team Indonesia, taking the theme of “Garuda“, is to introduce Indonesian culture through the art of sculpting and expand relationships between nations.

The team from Indonesia had to battle against extreme temperatures between -30 to -35 degrees Celsius to complete the snow sculpture “Garuda” within three and half days. Team Indonesia’s struggle was certainly not in vain as they won third place. The first and second places went to teams from France [pictured immediately below] and Russia.

The judging criteria are based on difficulty level, discipline in working as well as creativity and timing. Team Indonesia’s victory invited a lot of admiration, especially considering that Indonesia is a tropical country that has never experienced snow.

Snow sculpture by French contestants at the 2013 18th Annual Harbin Snow Sculpture Competition.

Video of Team Indonesia at the 2013 Harbin Snow Sculpture Competition:

Comments from Kompas and Kaskus:


That’s AWESOME!!!
I’m proud of Indonesia….Let’s keep it up!


Agustono is a friend of mine….
Each year he participates in this snow festival but has never won yet.
In February, there is another ice festival in Sapporo, Japan. I pray that he’ll finally get 1st place…
The funding from the sponsors and government are very minimal and almost non-existent.
I know that he’s still looking for sponsorship to go to Sapporo.
If there is information about sponsorship, please send me the links. Thanks!


That’s one cool statue, boss, certainly different from the others.


It is an excellent promotion for the name of Indonesia. However, do you think that they received any allowance from the government to go there?
I’m sure our provincial government will take credit as usual.


Is this the team that came in 5th in Sapporo back in 2011?
Wow, they only lost to Russia and France this time…
I pray for their success in future events too.


No. 3 only so what’s the fuss? Uhhhhh.

Afrian Dwi Putra:

Thank you for all the hard work!

Siska Natalia:

If only we could bring the sculpture back to Indonesia! Congrats to all of them. Go Indonesia! |^^|


[I hear] they’re still in debt for their flight tickets… OMG, so sad!


I hate the fact that there’s a team from Indonesia who competed for Indonesia in an international event yet they don’t get any support from the government… Total Bullshit!!!


Hey Government, stop embezzling our money and give some attention to our nation’s youth who have succeeded in promoting our country but have no money to pay for their flight tickets!


My god… Indonesia is the country where the corrupt are praised but heroes are completely forgotten!


Let’s move out and change our nationality since we’ll be more appreciated in other countries. It’s so much better than staying here [Indonesia] as we are never appreciated and have to think about our debts!


It is not surprising that Indonesia will lose its golden kids one by one…
for example: BJ Habibie
The people who stay are the useless ones who will eventually be exported to Malaysia as maids… and Malingsia will continue to make fun of us since there have been no changes. Arrrghhh!!


Aren’t these guys amazing!!?? They have to worry about their debts while sculpting and they still managed to win third place!!

Photos of the Indonesian team and their sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Sculpting Competition where they also won 3rd place:




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