86% of Microsoft Software in Indonesia is Pirated

Microsoft Indonesia President Director Andreas Diantoro

From Tempo:

86% of Microsoft Software in Indonesia Is Pirated

The President of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro, said that the company’s market share is at around 97 percent in the country. However, as much as 86 percent of users of electronic devices such as desktop, portable, and tablet computers are using pirated or illegal versions of Microsoft software.

“The users of original Microsoft-certified software only make up 11 percent,” said Andreas during the “Intellectual Property Rights for Indonesia Advancement” seminar on Wednesday evening. There is not much he can do to prevent the act of piracy in Indonesia.

Andreas said that there were around 5 million computers sold in 2012. That means there were only 550.000 computers using genuine Microsoft software in Indonesia while the other 4.3 million computers were using illegal software. This figure would be even greater if numbers from previous years were included.

Microsoft Headquarter in Indonesia

Microsoft General Manager of Anti-Piracy and Intellectual Property, Dennis Couto, said that Indonesia is the 11th largest country in the world that causes his company to lose potential revenues. The lost potential revenue [from this illegal piracy] is estimated at US$ 1.5 billion in 2011.

The net income for the third quarter of 2012 was US$ 4.5 billion, which is down 21 percent compared to last year. Its revenue also dropped 8 percent in the July-September period to US$ 16 billion.

Comments from Kaskus:


It’s easy to search for pirated software via Google… Well, this is just my own preference since I don’t have the money to buy the original software … but I’d think twice too even if I have the money…


Even if I have the money, I still prefer to get the pirated version… I just want it free no matter what! =)




Even when comparing the software price against the total cost of buying a computer, the software is still way too expensive.


This is payback for the past colonization of our country previous by foreigners.
We were colonized by the Dutch for 350 years, then 3.5 years by the Japanese, and now we are being colonized by other foreign nations in term of technology and economy…
We are even colonized by our own public officials with their corruption… =(


If they [Microsoft] don’t want their software to be pirated then they should price it cheaper… Why is it too difficult for them to do that?


Pirated software costs Rp. 60.000 (US $6)?? That’s still too expensive, boss! It’s better to just borrow the CD from my friend since that’s totally free.


Even my company, which has hundreds of employees, is using Microsoft pirated software… =)


They [Indonesians] can’t be blamed, boss… In Indonesia, do you know how low the salary is for a software designer/developer? If they have to buy the original software then they won’t be able to make money…

Wirawan Winarto Works in Microsot Indonesia as Tools Developer


If people can buy a PC/Laptop that costs up to 10 million rupiah [US$1,000] then why can’t they afford the original Windows license? It is indeed hard to change people’s corrupt mentality!


I wonder what software [legitimate or pirated] Microsoft employees are using on their personal computers at home.


Don’t blame me! They should check the computers in various government offices from Sabang to Merauke. Are they using original software or not?


Who asked them [Microsoft] to continue offering their products in Indonesia if they already know their products are going to be pirated anyway…


It’s so bizarre… We are still proud even when we’re using the pirated version. hahaha…


Even when Microsoft prices it cheaper to Rp 100.000 [US$10], most people will still find millions of reasons to keep using the pirated version for only Rp 25.000 [US$2.5]. The people in our nation are indeed proud to be thieves.

What do you think? Would lowering prices make much of a difference when it comes to software piracy?

Microsoft Indonesia Donates Computer Labs in University of Indonesia

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  • Erick

    I can’t really blame them.
    Minimum salary for workers in Jakarta is around $220 per month.
    Thing is, there are lots of companies that goes as “minimalist” as possible.

    Meanwhile, Windows 8 costs $70, and to survive in Jakarta with $150 they have to eat instant ramen everyday. Linux is not an option, since they are less user friendly for average joes (terminal commands to fix things? really?) and their apps are not that good to replace say, Office or Photoshop.

    Piracy is a crime, true, but it’s hardly black and white :|

    • xv

      Ubuntu linux is easy to use for the beginner and most of the time you dont even need to touch the terminal. As for apps, I find Libre Office to be every bit as good as MS Office (better actually, since it doesnt have the awful Ribbon interface)

      • Erick

        Libre is good :D, but the problem is nobody around me use it.
        When I need to work from friend’s laptop, or PCs that doesn’t use Libre, the layout incompatibility is a pain to fix.

        My office even has document templates that won’t even look right on Libre, while I have to use those templates everyday.

        I won’t make guarantee that Ubuntu is easy to use, since I’m Ubuntu casual user myself. Unity is way too foreign for first timers, and once in a while i have to chmod, chown or tar -xfvz something with terminal :P

  • majumundur

    If Microsoft can sell it for cheaper price than other countries and only distributed it in Indonesia language so they won’t be able to sell it to other countries than I think they’ll buy it for sure…

  • dim mak

    Only 86%? Amateurs.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Can’t really expect them to pay through the nose like Americans just so they can use the software :/

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